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Do you want to know about some kind of delicious food that will make your appetite boost if you are a food lover and if you love to eat seafood? I can surely say that this is something worth trying. You must have heard about the red caviar. It is a very delicious dish.

Seafood is not something that can be trusted easily. To enjoy it the food should be made of good fish which needs a lot of knowledge and experience that will help you to enjoy the food. You know people are quite choosy about their taste they love to eat something with high and good food content even once they like the taste no matter you crave again and again the same food of the same place and the quality. Red caviar is all about the fish which is used to make it.

The fish is the ikura which is the core of the red caviar. It is part of Japanese and Russian cuisine. Fish is well-known food for the Japanese but as we know the people nowadays are more in love with the Chinese and Japanese dishes. It’s because of their unique ingredients which are just perfect to ignite your tastes. Let me tell you more secrets about the ingredients used in red caviar so you can also cherish or make a mind to taste the dish.

What is ikura?

Ikura is the fish egg of salmon and trout it is known as the salmon which is the term derived from the English and most frequently used in the Russian. Ikura is used after removing the thin layer of the skin of the ovary and it is cut in half. Ikura is of small size. They are usually marinated in salt and soya sauce for preparation. Ikura is more frequently used in Japan than in Russia. In Japan, it is served with Sushi. It tastes goes better with the sushi.

What does ikura taste like?

The flavorful ikura is something to must try but before anyone try it people like to know about the feelings of others as you can think of the feedback yes you might want to know about how it tastes. The egg membrane after cracking the egg pop up and give you a little oily soft taste.

You can feel the richness of ikura it is a very light dish. As for some people who think of the smell the marinated sauce usually takes away the smell so it is always a good choice to base it with soya sauce marinating. People usually say that it is the yummiest light seafood they have ever tasted. But if you want to know the actual taste so you have to try it.

How ikura is used?

To enhance the quality of the food the combination with which the food is trying is important. The ikura or salmon roe goes with perfect combination of many other dishes like you can have with the rice or sushi. The other may include rolled sushi or it can be used in pasta. But the raw ikura is rarely used or less commonly in the hot soup dishes.


It is a delightful food that is used with other dishes to enhance the enjoyment of seafood I hope the above-mentioned details will make you feel like taste the ikura.

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