Alternatives to known erectile dysfunction drugs

Before you get the tadalafil powder alibaba, it is important that you know there are alternatives to know erectile dysfunction drugs. Viagra is a well-known drug for the erectile dysfunction treatment. It is a common and distressing condition where the man is not able to get a full penile erection and maintain it.

According to research, over 12 million men are affected by the condition in the US alone yearly. Although its frequency tends to increase as one ages, it is not in older adults alone. There are various alternatives to Viagra which can help in improving or reversing eh erectile dysfunction symptoms. The options include medical treatment, drugs, changes in lifestyle and alternative remedies.

Drug alternatives

There are a variety of alternatives to ED drugs that are readily available when you have erectile dysfunction that include:

Oral medications

There are a variety of alternative medications which you can orally take. The oral drugs do include Viagra and are taken frequently for the first course of treatment if you have an erectile dysfunction.

The alternative which you need to have a prescription, to the Viagra include:

The vardenafil: It is normally sold under the Staxyn and Levitra brand names and it is available in disintegrating and tablet forms. To be effective, you will have to take vardenafil an hour before having sex. It can be effective for in for the next 7 hours.

TadalafiL: It is a drug which is sold under the brand names of Cialis and adcirca, to be taken about 1 to 2 hours before having sex. The tablets are known to function for about 36 hours.

Avanafil: It is  a drug which is market in the USA as strendra. You will have to take the tablets 15 minutes to 30 minutes before having sex. It will have an impact on you which should last for about 6 hours.

Non-oral drugs

An alternative to the oral medications do include:

The self-injections penile:The ceratin medications like papaverine, alprostadil, and phentolamine can be directly injected into the side base of your penis. They are capable of helping in achieving or maintaining an erection for about 40 minutes.

The urethral suppository: It is small suppositories alphrostadilwhih can be placed in the urethra penile using a special applicators. It stimulates an erection which will happen within 10 minutes which can last for 60 minutes.

Testosterone replacement: It might be suggested by the doctor to be used by men for treatment of erectile dysfunction that is linked to low testosterone levels. The testosterone hormones can be able to get delivered through various methods which include patch, injection, or oral medication.

Other medical treatments

There are some men who find it had to use medication which could be due to medical conditions which they have or other reasons. In such situations, other medical treatments might be suggested.

Devices for vacuum erection are known to be tubes which are hollow that are at times referred to as penis pumps. They get attached to a battery or a hand operated pump, working by having to draw blood in the penis. They usually help in achieving an erection which can be maintain by use of a tension ring.

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