An Artist, Global Human Design Authority, Life and Business Strategist, Investor, and Mother: Meet Paige Mitchelle

Today, there are more women in power. As evolutions happen in the world, customs and traditions change. Women have become more powerful day in day out, taking complete charge of their lives. Paige Mitchelle is one lady who has done impeccable things and turned out phenomenal. Fascinatingly, she uses her artistic craft to build her self-development empire in a fun and relatable way.

She wears the titles of Artist, global Human Design Authority, Life & Business Strategist, Investor, and a mother. Additionally, she is Queen Mutha at UNDEFINED. Undefined is a personal development empire focused on helping women, especially mothers, take immediate control of their mental, emotional, physical, and financial destiny. It does that with online education courses, music/arts, biological products, and in-depth interviews with leaders.

Paige Michelle is further a bestselling author of the book “The Patterns.” She has an upcoming book, “Be a Mother, Not a Martyr.” She is writing the book because of her amazing kids, Ford and Ruby. You can find her elbows deep in a bag of hot fries and shaking her ass in her stories or, as her friends and family say, “being the most always.”


Paige has made a million dollars before the age of 31, and her clients have made over 18 million dollars in three years. Paige further has an investment portfolio of over two million dollars. She has won the hearts of over 80,000 women across all platforms, is a best-selling author, and has got 17,682,000 views in the last year.

Paige’s insightful work is further among Forbes, The List, Nicki Swift features. 

Early Struggles

Paige barely graduated from high school as she was too busy drinking and going to strip clubs every weekend. She failed out of college for the same reason, was arrested twice, moved home, and started waitressing. Paige did that until one day decided to become a paralegal after lying in an interview to get the job. She helped build the business into full-blown practice.

The Grind

She started blogging to escape and creatively write, which turned into a small organic social media business. She got married in that timeframe and had her first child. Her business then crashed, and she rebuilt it in a way that felt good for her. She got pregnant again, left her husband, and lived in her parents’ basement while rebuilding the business. Within three years, the company generated over 1,000,000 dollars. 

She has an affirmation album to help people use their astrology and genetic map to identify their deepest wounds and heal them forever.


Paige Michelle had made it her purpose to help high-performing women, CEOs, and founders to soar their businesses higher as they dedicate adequate time to their families and relationships. Through her programs, you become the woman of your dreams and a great family person without compromising anything. You can reach out to Paige Michelle by email or follow her on 



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