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Everyone’s desired hair would be full volume hair. It has always been considering gorgeous. Having thick hair; whether it be straight, wavy, or curly it is always a bonus point.

People who suffer from hair loss will surely be having mental trauma. Your lovely hair gradually becoming bald is surely a sight that will break the heart of many irrespective of whose hair is falling out. But the saddest part is there is nothing much you can do about it rather than being helpless.

Not everyone is blessed with full volume hair or hand full of money. So as a solution has been found wigs and hair extensions. But in the early days, they looked rather fake and were low quality. Time changed so does wigs and hair extensions. Better wigs and hair extensions that do not look fake did arrive. But discrimination decided to show up. So, if you need to afford high quality, natural-looking, comfortable wigs or hair extensions you needed to pay a lot, so that we have been left back in square one.

That is when we Klaiyi hair decided to end this era of discrimination. We Klaiyi hair proudly offers comfortable, natural-looking wigs and hair extensions at an affordable price

About Klaiyi hair

As mentioned before Klaiyi hair only uses top-quality hair to make our products. Hairs to make our products are collected globally and send to a common meeting point to choose only the best quality hair from the raw materials. From there the collected hair is carefully designed to make our products. Our team carefully designs the models of our new products so that you can only have trendy hairstyles. Because it is human hair it will not be anyway allergic to the users. And it will be highly comfortable as it is not synthetic. It is also designed so it fits in your head.

Now we Klaiyi hair would like to introduce you to our two most popular products. Hair bundles and water wave hair

Hair bundles

Not everyone has full volume hair, sometimes because of genetics, treatments, or some other reason. In that situation, hair bundles are the most suitable help for you. There is a lot of different type of hair textures in different lengths so it may suit your use.

Water wave hair

Water wave hair is the type of hairstyle that is currently in trend. Here you can get that lovely lock of water wave. You can have it in the form of wigs or hair extensions. Which to choose is up to you based on your need. There are also different types of textures and lengths for it to look natural on you.


There are many treatments of course but many of them are ineffective or those which are effective are rather costly. Surely not everyone can afford the high-end treatment. Most of the people are blessed to be rich. Klaiyi hair tries its best to offer everyone the best quality affordable wigs and hair extensions. And because there are a lot of different options you can easily find your perfect match.

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