Applying for Kotak Credit Cards – A Complete Guide

Credit cards are one of the best ways to make payments and earn rewards, cashback, discounts etc., for paying credit card bills on time. It is a win-win scenario that will also help improve your credit score in the long run. Based on your requirement and eligibility, you can choose from a host of Kotak credit cards.

There are also explicitly curated cards for corporate and premium users. To be eligible for Kotak credit cards:

–      A credit score of 700 should be maintained

–      Documents like PAN & Aadhaar, Driving License, etc., have to be submitted.

–      Keep your electricity or telephone bill ready as well.

–      For income proof, you will need to submit your bank statement, salary slips or payment of proof if you are self-employed, Form 16, etc.

Exclusive Benefits that Kotak Credit Cards Offer

  1. Joining gifts or vouchers are often one of the first things that any customer is availing of, and most of the time, these are in addition to the actual card benefits.
  2. Complimentary domestic and international lounge access for a set number (per quarter or year) is available for most Kotak credit cardholders.
  3. Reward points are another significant benefit offered by credit cards. Customers often get reward points for most purchases they make all through the year. However, watch out for anniversary year reward points and an additional reward point bonus that you can earn every year for spending up to a certain amount on your Kotak credit card.
  4. Fuel surcharge waiver is another common benefit.
  5. Joining fee waiver is another benefit you can watch out for if your card is not lifetime free when you buy it.
  6. Many Kotak credit cards like the PVR Platinum or Gold card offer ‘Buy 1 Get one ticket’ free for a set number of times every month/year.
  7. Some credit cards even offer an insurance cover for loss of card.

How to Make Kotak Credit Card Payment?

Paying off your Kotak credit card bill will be one of the easiest and hassle-free tasks. There are ample ways to make your Kotak credit card payment bills, and here are some of the most convenient ways-

  1. You can pay your Kotak credit card bill by directly accessing your mobile or net banking services. It is a one-time effort to add or sync your credit card to your account, and then you can rest assured that your payment reminders will also be timely.
  2. You can choose to pay via digital wallets like Cred and GooglePay as well.
  3. NEFT or IMPS from your banking account is possible.
  4. If you want to pay offline, you can also choose to make the payment over-the-counter or by cheque.

How to Contact Kotak Credit Card Customer Care?

You can call Kotak helpline on 1860 266 2666 if you have any credit card related concerns or queries. Click here to know about their chatbot services, NRI calling number and more. Additionally, if you want to address a specific problem, then Kotak credit card customer care can help you via call, chat or email as well.

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