Are lactation cookies & teas healthy for babies?

Parents want the best for their children. As much as that is true, a mother wants to ensure the best care for her newborn baby. Although, at times, it is beyond the control of the mother herself. Breastfeeding can be taken as an instance here. While most mothers intend to breastfeed their babies for a certain period, many of them fail to do so due to issues of lactation or latching. A lot of moms across the globe look for products and solutions that can increase their milk supply. Amongst many products, lactation cookies and teas have been prevalent and preferred.

Low milk supply is a concern of a lot of women mothering newborns. Although it is definitely not the end of the road and there are several viable solutions for such issues. Lactation products are widely available in the market, and they are very effective in increasing milk supply. While that answers the common question of “do lactation cookies actually work?” Another critical question is:

“Are lactation products healthy for babies?”

Before answering this question, we’d have to know about how these products actually work. As a breastfeeding mother, you would obviously want to have an adequate milk supply for your baby. When that becomes an issue, it is natural to look for a solution to increase milk supply. While that is a concern, you would also need to ensure the product’s safety and affect your baby in any way.

How Do Lactation Cookies and Teas Work?

Lactation products generally contain Galactagogues, which are basically ingredients that increase milk production in lactating mothers. Galactagogues work by stimulating milk supply or oxytocin, which then increases the breast milk ejection.

That being said, such stimulates may not always be natural. There are synthetic galactagogues, such as domperidone and metoclopramide, but since most good quality lactation products mostly use herbs and food galactagogues, we will be talking about them.

How Do Such Products Affect A Baby?

When we ask if lactation bars, cookies, and teas are healthy for babies or not, what must be considered is the sensitivity of newborns. It is agreeable that some newborns and infants are more sensitive than others and will have different reactions to a mother’s breastfeeding diet.

That being said, apart from occasional stomach upset, there have not been many cases of adverse side effects of these cookies on babies. These products do not directly affect the baby and simply increase the milk supply in lactating mothers. The sole purpose of such lactation products is to increase milk supply. They have little or no effect in terms of nutrition.

Final Words

The milk being produced depends on your nutrition and overall diet and lifestyle, and lactation cookies from simply help increase the quantity when you are facing issues with inadequate lactation. Although, when thinking about such cookies and teas for lactation, the safest bet is to consult an expert before you start consuming them!

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