Are you curious about what’s coming up in the new year? According to a study by Pinterest Here are the top trends in lifestyle you can anticipate.

What are the most anticipated fashion trends for 2022? With the close of the year drawing near, Pinterest is looking ahead to the next trends that will be coming in fashion, decoration as well as beauty, travel, or even food. Following another year filled with restrictions, lockdowns and sometimes gloomy news, besides moving toward online betting sites like NetBet Sport, online users are searching for uniqueness and color and they’re definitely not afraid of breaking the rules of convention.

With 400 million people worldwide, Pinterest has identified 175 emerging trends in lifestyle that could be the defining factor for 2022.

Retro is back!

In terms of beauty, keep an eye out for the eyes, teeth, and even your skin being embellished with jewelry in 2022. The site saw an increase of 145% in the number of searches on “dermal piercing unique” and an increase of 100% in searches for “crystal eye makeup.” Additionally, dental jewelry remains popular and searches are up 85percent. Additionally, rhinestone manicures are beginning to emerge as a trendy trend, and have seen an increase of 150% in the number of searches that appear on Pinterest.

The concept of originality is also a top priority for hair and nails. Galaxy nail designs have seen the search engine go increase to 115% for instance. Hair looks are expected to become beyond the norm in 2022 as the mullet makes an appearance, with searches increasing to 190 percent. However, natural hairstyles are being praised as the case, as short natural hairstyles cause searches to rise by 185 percent.

Fashion-forward this season, pearls will be in the fashion of both males and females. Google searches on “pearl wedding decorations” have increased by 185%, and the number of searches for necklaces with pearls for men has increased by sevenfold on the site.

After a year that was rife with dark news, colors have been a hit with users, by a 140% growth in searches for outfits in electric blue. However, goth styles are breaking the mold in a non-traditional way, with an increasing interest in goth pajamas (+185 percent) and baby clothing (+120 percentage)!

If innovation is the theme of today, the old checkerboard pattern is set to come back almost everywhere from fingernails (+165 percent of search results) as well as checkerboard floor tiles (+5x the number of searches). This shows that there is a certain amount of fascination with retro styles in the younger generation.

Health and well-being in the home

The feeling of being at ease in your home is more important following all day in there. Post-lockdown trends remain being embraced. On Pinterest, users have been looking for Aphrodite-themed wallpapers in a flurry (+180 percent) and plants are still an area of interest for users and have seen an increase of 175% in the searches of “stair gardens,” and “floral ceiling” searches up threefold.

Internet users continue to enhance their interiors, every room in the house being a source of inspiration. The searches for luxurious laundry room concepts have increased by 11x, as an example. The interiors of homes are also made more suitable for dogs. The searches of “luxury dog room” have been up by 115%, and “catify your home” has seen a fourfold increase in searches on the site.

Spirituality is also a part of wellness it appears. The search query “How to protect your energy” was a popular topic, with searches increasing by 60 percent, while the searches related to “How to raise your vibration” rose by 145%. Aura colors caught the eye of Pinterest users as well and searches increased by 36 times on the site.

In addition, financial issues are another topic that is popular on social networks such as TikTok make up these trends for 2022, ranging from investing tips (+195 percent) and financial literacy (+155 percent).

A desire for travel

Although travel was more limited in 2021, the appetite for adventure is not waning. The searches for the top all-inclusive resorts are up by two in some cases. However, the most important thing is Internet users are experiencing a sense of escapism because of international food. Traditional Norwegian recipes have seen an increase of 120% in search results, while people have discovered the Philippines because of “authentic” recipes (+35%) and Russia with “traditional” food (+3x). Africa has also been a major source of trends in cuisine, including recipes that are traditionally South African recipes (+150%) and traditional Arabic food (2x).

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