Are You Looking For An Eye Cream Or A Serum?

Eye Cream or Eye Gel? This is the curious question for anyone who wants to get rid of undereye bags, dark circles or sun spots. You can also use the best eye cream for wrinkles to prevent wrinkles from appearing. You might be wondering which one is right. This confusion is only exacerbated by the sheer number of skincare products out there today. It is difficult to know what products you should use to help your skin. It can be confusing to know the difference between Eye Cream (sometimes called lotion) and Eye Gel. Why are they necessary? Let’s discuss the differences and learn how they affect you.

Eye Cream Or Eye Gel – What Are The Differences?

There are many similarities between eye creams and serums in terms of moisturizing ingredients and nutritional benefits. The differences will help to decide which one you need.

Texture – Watery Or Thick?

The most immediately recognizable characteristic you’ll see when using both is texture. The creams or lotions for the eyes are thicker because they contain more oils and fats. They also have a lower percentage of watery elements. On the contrary, eye serums are extremely viscose and nearly as fluid as water.

Mode Of Action-Surface Vs. Deeper

Both products offer completely different functions. Eye creams provide skin top-level treatment. They can be used for moisturization to keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh. Though they might contain active components for certain benefits, these creams are rarely absorbed into the skin. This is due to the large molecule sizes of the ingredients. For moisture retention, thicker substances are applied to the skin to create a barrier. This can lock in the moisture, but also protect active ingredients.

Eye serums function differently. They are concentrated in active substances (or their better substitutes bioactive), that are meant for full absorption into the skin. They are also very small in molecular weight, which helps to accelerate their absorption. They can be applied directly to the skin from below the epidermis.

Skin Type Is Crucial For Eye Creams And Not For Eye Serums

The choice of eye cream depends on what type of skin you have. Eye Serums work for all skin types. The synthetic allergens that can cause more damage than good should be avoided.

Costs: Affordable Vs. Premium

Creams tend to be more expensive than the cheaper ones, however, they can be applied in larger quantities due to their large amount of fat molecules and fillers. Eye Serums contain super-rich, nutritious ingredients and collagen-enhancing substances that penetrate deeply into your skin. They are very expensive but you will only need to use a tiny amount. A 30 ml glass bottle will last for approximately 6 months. 

The goal of the Eye Serum will be determined by your skincare goals. They work well on all skin types, as they are easily absorbed by the skin. Eye Serums are not effective without active biomolecules. Therefore, it is important to read the ingredients before you apply them.

How Do You Apply Eye Cream And Serum?

Because of the different basic ingredients in the eye serum & eye cream, their application is also different. Both eye serums and creams require the same initial steps.

  1. Use lukewarm, warm water to wash your skin before you apply. This will enable your skin to remove any oil or dirt from the day. You should not use warm water too often as this can result in the loss of a protective layer on your skin.
  2. After applying the cream, clean and dry your hands. This is critical, regardless of whether you are using a pump bottle or any other applicator.

Applying Eye Creams

Use the eye cream very delicately to begin to rub into the skin around your eye.

It might take up to 15 min for your eye creams to fully absorb. Make sure you don’t rub off or apply anything to your skin that could disrupt the absorption process.

Applying Eye Serums

You can use a little (very small) amount of the tap of finger oil to lightly rub around the eye area.

It can take the product up to 30 minutes to fully absorb. After that, you can continue to use another product. Maximum results can be achieved by using the product twice daily.

Hopefully, you now know which eye cream or serum is best for you.

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