Azur Lane Top Ships/Characters Guide. How to download Azur Lane on PC?


Azur Lane is a famous action game from two famous Chinese developers, Yongshi and Manju. It was released on May 25, 2017. Now it comes in the list of popular action games. The game can be download on any Android or iOS device. You can download Azur Lane on PC by using an android emulator.

Top Ships/Characters in Azur Lane

Azur Lane is a complex naval game, and it is not easy to play this game because it includes multiple characters. The characters in this game are known as ships.  Like other role-playing games, the players must know well about the ships of this game.  Each ship of the game includes multiple abilities and skills. The champions of Azur Lane know all about the ships of the game. The players, either they are beginners or experts, must have a good idea about ships.  There are different roles of characters/ships in this game. In this article, we will explain his top ships of Azur Lane. So that the players use these ships and become the champion of Azur Lane.


It is a top-ranked destroyer ship of Azur Lane. It can deal with massive damage. It boosts the fine rate by 6 %. It increases evasion by 40%.

Charles Ausburn

This ship is famous for its skills to increase movement speed.  It can increase the front line of the team. It performs well when you use this ship with Heavy Cruiser.


It is a famous light cruiser ship with excellent abilities. It has a fine power. And also, it can deal great damage with torpedo damage. The main ability of this ship is that it can generate a smoke screen during the PvP and PvE battles.


The damaged power and other abilities of these characters are not too good, but it is famous due to its good stats.  Due to these stats, it is a famous damage dealer.  It can boost up the DPS of the team.

Prinz Eugen

The Prinz Eugen is a famous Heavy Cruiser Ship.  It has good HP.  It is a well-known front-line character with the best abilities.


The Within is also a Heavy Cruiser Ship of Azur Lane game.  It performs well as a front-line character. This ship has no powerful HP.  But the killing abilities of this ship make it more popular. It can kill enemies at a very fast rate.  It kills them before the enemies fire at him. So these abilities make the ship most popular and famous.


It is a powerful CV ship in the game. It has impressive proc skills.  With this skill, it leaves double damage on its enemies during the airstrikes. It also grants evasion. It boosts the stats.

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It has high fire and explosive abilities. It can damage the enemies in the best way, and it has a high damage ability. The charging speed of this ship is low, but its damage is very great.

Can I download Azur Lane on PC?

Azur Lane, the famous action game, is gaining high popularity nowadays. There are many reasons behind its popularity. Due to the popularity of the game, players want to play the game and enjoy it. Many people download and play the game on a smartphone, but many people want to play it on a PC. The players who do not want to play games on PC probably need an alternate. They think that they may or may not download the games on PC. So there good news for these people that they can easily play games on PC. To download and play games on PC, the players need an Android emulator. There are many Android emulators away for PC gaming. Some of these Android emulators are not safe and damage the system of players’ PC. Among all the available Android emulators, the lightest Android emulator is  LDPlayer.

What is LDPlayer?

Some people know about Android emulators, and some do not know about this software. We explain it here. The Android emulators are software used to play games on a PC or laptop. LDPlayer Android emulator is one of these emulators, but it is known as the top Android emulator due to its unique features and its best interface. LDPlayer is the most lightweight emulator that can be downloaded easily. Due to its lightweight, it is also best for PC and laptop systems. It does not disturb your system. Also, LDPlayer is a safe Android emulator, and it’s free, you do not need to worry about their privacy. LDPlayer has unique 3D graphics, and it shows the photos of a game in the best way. Also, it updates its system regularly.

How to download LDPlayer?

After reading the best features and safety of LDPlayer, you are probably thinking of downloading it. Here we explain the download process or LDPlayer.

  1. Go to the official website of LDPlayer and avoid downloading LDPlayer from other unverified sources because the emulator f on third-party sources may damage your system.
  2. Click on the LDPlayer Android emulator, and after this, tap the download button.
  3. After downloading, install LDPlayer on your PC.
  4. Open the emulator and visit the LD store.
  5. Download your favorite games and play them on your PC.


In the above article, we have discussed the top ships/characters of the Azur Lane game.  We explained the abilities and skills of these heroes.  The role and place of each ship are also explained. The useful information about each ship will help the players and lead them to better gameplay. The article is also about the download and playing of Azur Lane on PC. The players can easily download and play Azur Lane km PC with the help of LDPlayer Android Emulator. The LDPlayer emulator is a safe android emulator with useful features.

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