Bachelor Party Ideas

Planning a bachelor party can be a struggle. You want to make the groom happy, as well as the rest of the party. You want it to include the classic parts, at the same time you want it to stand out and be unique. There is a ton of information out there that can make you feel overwhelmed, but we will make it easy for you. You know your guy the best, the budget, the people who are invited, so here are some ideas to spark the creativity and make it fit thereafter.

Destination or Non-destination

A good thing to start considering is if the bachelor party is going to be in another country, state, or town. A destination party can be in any destination length. Going to another country can seem expensive at first but with some planning you can hit great places without going broke. Though, you don’t need to go to another country to change your scenery. In this blog you can find everything you need to know about all kinds of different bachelor party ideas, supplies, locations, outside and inside of the US.

Stuff to do

If you feel like coming up with a bachelor party that is just not including the classic stuff like getting shitfaced and hit the strip club, there are a ton of options!

Ski Trip

If the season is right, a ski trip with thetechboy the guys is an awesome way to celebrate the groom. There are many different options in all kinds of price categories around the States, maybe they have a group package designed especially for bachelor parties? You can also combine the skiing with other kinds of winter activities, such as renting snow mobiles, sauna and of course, after ski!


If it’s a summer bachelor party, you have the great opportunity to bring the boys for an awesome camping trip. Tent, rent a cabin by the lake or beach. It doesn’t need to cost much and still you get away from hdhub4u everyday life to enjoy some great time with the guys. Load up the fridge with alcohol and food and seclude yourself from the world, the guys will appreciate it.


You don’t have to be a great fisherman to enjoy a day on the water. You can do it as you want, go out on the lake close to home or charter a fishing boat. Hang out, relax, and drink beer, a perfect way to create great memories for everyone. Just don’t forget to bring some seasick medication incase some of the guys have a hard time with the waves…

Pub Crawl

Pub crawl, this one is a recipe for a great disaster. You can create your own list of pubs and bars to visit and get a mix of different crowds. Everyone in the party can come up with at least one bar that you then will visit, this is a perfect way to get to know each other a little bit better.

Some kind of tour

If pub crawl isn’t something you see being a big hit for this specific bachelor party, a brewery or wine tour is a great option! Getting to know everything about wine and beer isn’t really the goal here, everyone knows that. Of course, it can be interested but everyone knows what’s up.


The best part of the bachelor party is to dress up the groom and buy all the stuff that makes bachelor parties unique.

This is the grooms big last night that he will never forget or forgive. We strongly recommend the ultimate hat that will make everyone turn their head around. This hat is the perfect touch and warns everyone around you what is coming their way, it’s only curtesy.

To make it clear to everyone who’s in the bachelor party, these hats will do the trick. The hats will set the tone and, it’s a great gift for all the groomsmen to keep as a memory.

Decorations for the party is a must, even if the plan is to head out. Decorate the room where you all meet up for drinks and maybe some drink games, it’s easy to find cheap party decorations and it adds to the party a lot. You can even customize them.

For the great photos to look back on and remember how awesome the party was, you need this one. This will put all the guys in the right mindset and start the big night with a big laugh.

Customize your own koozies, perfect for an outdoor bachelor party! Let the party get their own personal koozie that they also can bring home as a gift. You can put the grooms name, date, and location. A personal gift they can use.


Planning someone else’s bachelor party can feel confusing and not knowing where to, but we hope these great ideas has enlightened you. Maybe you have too many ideas now and can’t decide what to do? Let the guys in the party vote! They surely understand what you’re going through and are more than happy to help out. When the planning is done, you can sit back and enjoy the great chaos.

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