Benefits of direct instruction while learning mathematics

Math may not come naturally to all. A lot of students struggle to study it effectively to get desirable marks. Studying for a math test is different from other tests. Math isn’t a simple subject and a lot of kids struggle in middle school and high school. However, you can learn math in a simple way too by getting direct instructions from your teacher. When you have the right guidance and one-on-one attention from your teacher, learning math becomes simpler. 

How does direct instruction help kids for math test?

Direct instruction makes a teacher tailor instruction according to the needs of the students. Direct instruction means students are categorized according to their skills and then the teacher makes them practice accordingly to master a topic and move to the next one.

As every student have unique learning skills and strengths and different pace, group classes may make them frustrated. Getting direct instructions for a subject as complex as math will make them progress at their natural pace. As the year passes, the teacher will know the strengths and weaknesses of the child and help them tackle the challenges and prepare for a math test accordingly.

Direct instruction ensures that every student is working at his level. You can instruct about the test topics and set learning target for them to achieve. It helps the student to remain engaged and progress. One-on-one instruction on a topic boosts the confidence of the student and helps the low performers learn at a faster rate. 

Other recommended ways to study for a math test

  1. Draft a formula sheet: The higher the class is; the more formulas will be used. Take a paper and write down all the formulas and then learn them.
  2. Write a glossary: When your child starts a new chapter, there may be some new vocabulary. Make a glossary of definitions and words to refer back. Make sure you review them before the test.
  3. Practice at home: Practice makes a man perfect. Practice as much as you can at home so that you can learn from your mistakes. 
  4. Pen down the steps: Steps are very important in solving a math problem. When your child practices at home, make them write the steps. For example, in algebra, while trying to solve an equation make them use BEDMAS. For geometry, make them write theories. This will increase their understanding of the question and make it simpler to recall at the time of the test.
  5. Go for math tutoring: A lot of kids have problems in understanding the complex concepts and formulas in specific topics. If you face the same difficulty, then you should go for math tutoring. The one-on-one tutoring will help your child to understand things at their own pace and get individual attention. They can get rid of all their queries and doubts. A tutor will personalize the teaching method so that the kid can grasp it at his/ her own pace. Find more information at this link about this topic. 

A day before the math test may make the kid anxious. If you think your child is getting anxious, then make them relax and follow every way to make math learning simple for them.

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