Benefits of HealthTap

HealthTap is an online telehealth service that offers 24/7 access to a network of qualified doctors and an AI-powered symptom checker. Members may also submit written questions at no cost to their doctors for free evaluation.

HealthTap is the ideal solution for busy individuals who require medical advice and assistance. Its virtual consultations are quick and simple to use, making it a great choice for busy professionals.


HealthTap is an affordable primary and urgent care telehealth clinic that provides top-notch healthcare to Americans regardless of insurance status. Their user-friendly applications and information tools adhere to the highest data security standards to connect patients with physicians online.

HealthTap requires members to create an account on either its website or mobile app and select their plan. They can pay either one flat fee per consultation, or subscribe to Prime for discounted unlimited visits at a reduced price.

The platform boasts a doctor database of more than 10,000 providers who can answer your medical queries on both general and specific health matters. Furthermore, ScriptHero’s prescription discount program offers an average savings rate of 74% on common medications.


HealthTap provides an array of affordable primary and urgent care services to patients across America. They offer live video or text chat sessions with doctors, as well as free access to educational materials and peer review.

HealthTap’s augmented intelligence platform utilizes machine learning and doctor’s insight to efficiently answer questions, diagnose symptoms and guide consumers through the healthcare system. With hundreds of millions of users and over 140,000 doctors across 170 countries relying on HealthTap for healthcare delivery, consumers are in good hands.

HealthTap is revolutionizing healthcare by streamlining the customer experience. Utilizing an ever-evolving pool of personal medical wisdom and expertise, their doctor-trained augmented intelligence platform provides patients with tools to manage their healthcare anytime they please – anywhere.


HealthTap provides access to a network of licensed physicians with expertise across various specialties. These doctors can answer your questions and suggest other medical professionals if needed.

Expert status requires a doctor to possess an active medical license and be board-certified in their specialty. Interested candidates can apply to join HealthTap Medical Group, a free virtual practice that allows doctors to interact with patients in real time.

The company also provides a mobile app and website that links people with doctors via video, voice and text chat. These applications give access to 15,000 U.S.-licensed physicians across 147 specialties who volunteer their services by answering users’ health queries.

Talk to Docs uses artificial intelligence and clinical expertise cultivated by physicians within the network to triage users’ symptoms. It takes into account information about a user, their personal profile, and symptom descriptions in order to pinpoint the most likely cause of an issue.


Privacy and security are of the utmost importance for telehealth companies, particularly as more users openly discuss their health conditions. Data privacy regulations are becoming more intricate, yet healthcare organizations must still take measures to safeguard patient information.

HealthTap doctors have provided an immense amount of health data to the app, such as answers to questions and instructions on treating certain conditions. This data allows HealthTap’s free service to be more personalized while giving paid subscribers additional insights into their patients.

The company complies with all HIPAA requirements when it comes to handling PHI, and uses role-based access control to guarantee only those who need access are granted permission. This is an integral component of their strategy to provide consumers with flexible access to physicians while upholding stringent privacy regulations.

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