Best Business Ventures for Brisbane Investors

In 2022, it’s a very different world to the one we experienced just three years ago. As an investor, new niches have developed because of the pandemic. Where should you invest your money this year?

Organic Food Store

Every year, consumers make more responsible shopping decisions, and this is starting to affect grocery shopping. For one thing, consumers are happy to spend a little more money if it means getting organic, high-quality ingredients and foods. So long as you have a good source of organic foods, why not launch a website or local business to sell to locals?

Delivery Services

During the pandemic, people were forced to work and study at home. Suddenly, millions of people across Australia were ordering home gym equipment, home office equipment, board games, video games, and more to their homes. While we’re now learning to live with the pandemic, the online shopping trend will stick around. As a result, you can be the one who delivers parcels to the people of Brisbane with a high-quality delivery service.

Local Gym

As the world reopens, people are happy to be back in health clubs and gyms rather than having to work out with a YouTube video. If you’re a Brisbane investor, take advantage of the people flooding back to gyms by buying one. For example, you could look for a Ninja Park gym for sale or another franchise. With the right services and support, consumers will love your gym and socialize with others, something that they couldn’t do for so long.

Bicycle Repair Service

Although it sounds simple, both the pandemic and environmental trends have encouraged people to cycle around town rather than getting into their cars or another form of transport. The more people use bikes, and the more people experience problems. With a simple bicycle repair service, you can earn good money while supporting people and making a difference for the planet.

Financial Services

Especially after the pandemic, people need advice about where to put their money and how to protect their assets. They want advice for recovery after the pandemic and how to solidify their position so that they aren’t affected by future external pressures. Naturally, you can invest in financial qualifications for yourself or hire talent with the right experience.

Crafts Shop

These days, more and more people are choosing to pick up crochet hooks and other crafts. Why not be the service that provides high-quality products to the crafts niche? Sell the best equipment and resources, partner with an influencer to grow your reputation, and stay up to date with trends.

Home Services

If there’s one thing that most consumers don’t have these days, it’s time. Therefore, why not offer your time to complete tasks that people cannot complete themselves. Ultimately, the services you choose depend on your skill. For example, you could offer car cleaning, house cleaning, pet grooming, handyman services, gardening, home food delivery, or another form of service. Either way, you make the customer’s life easier while earning money.

Rental Properties

Those with slightly more funds available should investigate rental properties; with rental costs high currently, you can make good passive income from this investment. If you don’t want to look after the property, outsource it to a management company. The more rental properties in your portfolio, the more income you’ll make in a given month and year.

Other potential business ideas for Brisbane investors include:

  • Solar panel installation
  • App/gaming development
  • Network security
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital eBook library
  • Digital marketing agency
  • Graphic design agency

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