Best PlayStation 4 Release? Review of The Last of Us Part 2

The sequel to one of the best console video games of the past generation is tightly sealed between two extremes. On the one hand, this is a project from the insanely talented staff of developers from the F95zone studio , and in combination, it is a highly pumped and improved version of the 2013 game, because the second part, although technically far from the original, did not turn off the beaten track. We are still trying to survive in a world numb with disaster. All the same, holding our breath, we crawl from cover to cover. We still try to go through the playable segments silently and without leaving behind a windbreak of enemy corpses, and we still worry, cry and rejoice in the non-playable segments with cutscenes.

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The other extreme of The Last of Us Part 2  is in its excessive binding to the narrative: the game is so tightly dependent on raft-twists and scenario tropes that there is no maneuver for retelling, since any little thing can drastically break your impressions and greatly spoil expectations. Whether this is good for the players – definitely yes. Whether this is good for the materials through which you make the final purchase decision – definitely not. But what is it about this game that it became the most important and most anticipated, apart from the remake of the seventh Final Fantasy, of course – the most discussed and condemned, scandalous and classified release of 2020? There are many factors, and the main one is the clouds thickening over the sequel, including the postponement of the release date, rumors of supposedly strong problems during development, the departure of key personnel from the Naughty Dog team and even the most important script details merged at the end of spring, including one of the main plot points. We waited too long for any details, took the leak too keenly and blew up the entire Internet too quickly.

So, it’s not easy: at the end of the last generation of consoles, the video game The Last of Us came out almost in the dressing room of the nextgen , and five months and one day later, plastic boxes with wires went on sale. On the boxes of those flaunted the Huniepop 2  logo . And if in 2013 the first part with a resounding success closed the game line of PlayStation 3 exclusives , becoming indeed one of the most notable and advanced video games of its time, then seven years later we get a logical repetition of history: again the sunset of a generation, again one of the last exclusives from Sonyand again an attempt to become almost the most beautiful, dramatic, cruel and adult game of all those that this sinful world has ever seen. In which the embargo on the sequel The Last of Us  is so wild that you can’t say what exactly the novelty will crush you emotionally and why it is important.

Conventional wisdom, but many were waiting for a sequel solely by the right of respectability of Naughty Dog . These developers have earned such a fat credit of trust that they can do anything at all, and this anything will be greeted with a joyful whistle and a resounding ovation. The story of the original The Last of Us was complete, it did not require afterwords, and the only story DLC called Left Behind came out almost a year later, it was eventful somewhere in the middle of the original, and even half told the backstory of the heroine Ellie. In the new part, Ellie has matured in every sense. She is now 19 years old by calendar, and morally too. She will take a long time to collect stones scattered in the finale of the first part of The Last of Us… The issues that have not given a quiet life since 2013 will be resolved. It is difficult to admit, but this is not a typical sequel on the crest of successful sales, not a gimmick, but naturally half of the whole story. Yes, so huge that it takes 20-25 hours on average at a normal level of difficulty and without particularly fanatical searches for collectibles and a thorough study of locations, which have become so huge that if we compare, then with digital hectares of the Madagascar plains from the fourth Uncharted  or Indian jungle from Boku no Pico: The Lost Legacy . Yes, even call the open world, but you will definitely be surprised by the scale of the local urban spaces.

The story of the sequel adds a lot of details to the original, develops themes from the first part and continues the fate of all the key characters. Obviously, there is no point in starting a sequel without knowing the plot of the previous The Last of Us : if you missed it, you will lose 90% of all worries, you will not understand the motivation of the heroes and you will not have time to appreciate the laws of a dilapidated world that is teeming with infected individuals and interferes with irreconcilable groups.


Sequel to The Last of Us– not about a return to your favorite protagonists, but rather about the next milestone in the history of this world: do not rely on specific heroes – in front of you the work is more confusing than it might seem during the announcement. The sequel develops the gaming universe impressively generously, which is great, because the HBO adaptation is coming soon, which will further complement the already worked out lore.

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