Best Sheer Mineral Sunscreen for Face – What Exactly Is It?

When you see the best sheer mineral sunscreen for face being advertised online, it sounds great, right? It sounds like it’s going to give your face the barrier it needs to keep its skin supple, young, and free of dark spots and wrinkles. But do you know what you’re buying?

In this blog, we attempt to briefly shine a light on the product to explain what is a highly effective, yet pretty simple product when it comes down to it. Let’s begin by explaining the need for sunscreen on your face. 

Why You Need Sunscreen For Face

While it might be nice to have some color to your skin after a day out in the sun, if you go out without any sunscreen on at all, then you’re asking for trouble. That’s because the UV rays are systematically breaking down the integrity of your skin, leading to burning in no time at all.

By failing to apply the best sheer mineral sunscreen for face or any other protection for that matter, the result is usually redness, followed by peeling and eventually, older-looking skin. The only way to avoid it is to stop these rays in their tracks with sunscreen.

Why You Should Use Mineral Sunscreen

There are two main types of sunscreen – chemical and mineral (the latter is also referred to as ‘physical sunscreen). Chemical brands are still variety the most widely used around the world, however, mineral brands are catching up in terms of popularity. 

Part of this is down to the fact that mineral-based sunscreens are better for the planet and for your skin. They don’t have to be absorbed into the skin (as they sit on it instead) and you need much less of it to cover yourself, meaning that it lasts much longer.

We could write a whole blog on why these options are better than chemical brands, but for now, just understand that the smart money goes on mineral sunscreens.

So, What Does the ‘Sheer’ Part Mean?

The term ‘sheer’ in relation to the best sheer mineral sunscreen for face indicates that once applied it goes on invisibly, meaning no streaks, smears, or white cast. 

One of the arguments against using mineral sunscreens is that they’ve historically left behind a white residue on the skin. While this was a common issue twenty years ago, the technology has moved on a lot, with sheer products like this not showing up on the skin at all. 

The Best Sheer Mineral Sunscreen for Face Is the Savvy Option

So, you see, it’s pretty simple when you think about it. Mineral sunscreen is the best option for you and your family for the reasons mentioned above and ‘sheer’ varieties are those that have been formulated to leave absolutely no residue whatsoever after application. 

Hopefully, our little blog has provided enough clarity on the subject to guide you next time you’re in the sunscreen aisle. Rather than put the product back because of the confusing packaging, now you’re equipped with the knowledge to make a considered decision. 

If reading our blog results in your or a family member getting better UV protection, the effort of writing this blog was totally worth it!

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