Best Silicone molds for candles.

Are you looking for a new candle mold? We have the best silicone molds on the market. Our products are made from 100% food grade silicone and can be used with any type of wax, including soy, beeswax, gel candles and more! They’re also dishwasher safe so they’re easy to clean after use. You won’t find another product that is as high quality as ours.

With our molds you can create beautiful candles in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or already an expert at making your own candles. All of our products come with detailed instructions so it’s easy to make gorgeous designs every time. Because they’re reusable, you’ll save money over time too!

Why are silicone molds a better choice for candle making?

Silicone molds are better than traditional candle molds. They last longer and they’re easy to clean – no more messy wax spills! Moreover,  they’re made from high quality materials and they allow you to create beautiful, intricate candle designs.

There’s no reason to put up with boring candles when you can easily transform them into something amazing with the use of our molds. Using one mold you can turn a normal looking candle into an elegant ornament that makes a fabulous gift or centerpiece

Types of silicone molds.

Molds are divided into several categories. Here they are:

  • Cute bear candle molds: Making hand-made candles with cute bear silicone molds is really easy. You’ll find guides and instructions on our website. So you can start making your own personalized candles in minutes!
  • Jellyfish candle molds: Silicone jellyfish candle molds are perfect for summer parties. They’re beautiful decorative pieces that will look great on your porch or in your garden. Fill them with citronella oil and light them up for a beautiful effect.
  • Insect candle molds: Kids will love these cute bugs! In just a few easy steps you’ll have a new set of candles that look just like beetles, bees and other insects. These can also double as soap molds.
  • Flower candle molds: Decorate your house with beautiful flower shaped candles. You can use them for centerpieces or simply to create a romantic atmosphere in any room of the house. They’re also perfect for weddings!
  • Christmas tree candle molds: These adorable Christmas tree silicone molds are great for any home during the holiday season. They’re quick and easy to make and kids will love them!
  • Heart shaped candle molds: This set of heart shaped silicone molds is perfect for making Valentine’s Day gifts. Just fill them with melted wax, place a wick in each one and you’ve got yourself some cute candles that are good enough to eat!

Tips for Silicone molds for candles.

(i)  If you want to make candles with a beautiful pattern, we recommend that you first put some crayons or markers on the surface of the mold.

(ii) To clean your silicone molds after each use, simply place them in boiling water for a few minutes. Then wash them with dishwashing liquid and rinse under running water.

(iii) You can also wash your molds in the dishwasher or use a dry cloth to wipe them down.

(iv) Silicone mold is heat resistant so you can place it directly on top of a pot of boiling wax without any danger of melting it.

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