Bifold Versus Sliding Doors – A Comparison

If you are searching for any modern glazed doors, you have got 2 options – a bi-fold door or a sliding door and both have the most sought-after features that you will prefer in your home. Also, people will prefer to maximize the natural light in their homes when they plan to extend or renovate their houses.

If you want to know the main differences between bifold doors and sliding doors while considering your house, then you need to consider both styles as well as practicability. With proper consideration, you can increase the wow factor of your home design by installing either of them, and you can find both at Bifolding Door Factory.

What are bi-fold doors?

These doors are also known as folding sliding doors because open slide panels are neatly organized together. The following are the features of bi-fold doors:

  • You can easily open inwards/outwards and to maximize space. However, people prefer to select the outward opening option.
  • There are half-in and half-out options also available.
  • It is possible to open up your whole wall with a bi-fold door and connect it with exterior space.
  • These doors are made from several panels that open up against any wall, similar to any concertina. 
  • Typically bi-fold doors will be installed at the backside of a property because an entrance to your garden can create a perfect indoor-outdoor setting. 
  • Very easy to install, even within small openings. 
  • Usually offer better security. 

What are sliding doors?

You can open sliding doors by moving to any side, as their panes are fitted behind one another. However, you cannot fully open the room where they are fitted. The following are the features:

  • Sliding doors can be inserted into your wall to create a complete open wall. 
  • Popular option where there is limited space as they don’t need more room to maneuver.
  • Offers a better view of the outside.
  • It does not offer the option of 100% opening.
  • These doors can be ideal for larger openings. 


1. Fully opening

Bi-fold doors can be folded to offer more opening, while sliding doors will offer limited space for an opening between inside and outside.

2. Flexibility

Sliding doors can offer much greater control as you can slightly open to offer entry of breeze. However, in the case of a bi-fold door, you have to open one panel fully. 

3. Aesthetics 

Since sliding doors have fewer panels and hence can allow natural lights to easily flood in. While bi-fold doors are pulled back for creating a wider opening.

Sliding doors have a more glass to frame ratio than bi-fold doors that can obstruct your view. 

4. Thresholds

With sliding doors for the patio, often there is a frame that will be needed to step over to cross from indoors to outdoors. In the case of bi-fold doors, it can be installed by using a certain flush threshold opening to the patio. 

5. Cost

The cost will be more or less the same unless your doors get big.

6. Energy rating

Sliding doors are thermally more efficient than bifold doors because of fewer frames.

Finally, it is your personal choice as both can offer a good appearance to your home. 

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