Bingo Clash Turns Spooky (Until Oct 31st)

It’s officially “spooky season,” and with that comes a whole new gaming experience on Bingo Clash! Players will now get to experience a completely new theme when playing Bingo. Halloween lovers can unite and enjoy the pumpkin and creepy forest-themed madness while enjoying their favorite mobile game app. 

Not only are players able to experience this incredible and fun Halloween-themed experience, but there will also be 2 weeks of Halloween events going on until October 31. Take part in one of three ghoulish fun events to win real money by playing Bingo or one of the several other mini-games Bingo Clash has to offer.

Join the Spooktacular event 

First, join a Halloween-themed dice event, where players can win up to $500 in bonus cash simply by joining the event. Players can win additional prizes by rolling the dice and gaining moves. 

Next, log-in for 7 consecutive days and win additional free in-game rewards like tickets, bonus cash, and more. But, the rewards don’t end there! Players are offered the chance to win even more prizes by participating in the Lucky Pumpkin Event. 

The Lucky Pumpkin Event gives players the opportunity to win random prizes by flipping pumpkin cards. In order to gain entry to this special event, they must fulfill quests and play for pumpkin tickets. These pumpkin tickets will act as entry tickets to the Lucky Pumpkin Event. There are limited entries, so the game is on!

Winning real money with Bingo Clash

As fun as Halloween-themed games sound, can one truly win money with Bingo Clash? The answer is: Absolutely! AviaGames is known to have paid over $400 million in prizes since it was created, and they’re not planning on stopping there! 

Bingo Clash is a skill-based bingo game that allows players to get matched with other real players based on their skill levels. Players can compete in free cash tournaments and cash games to win real money. This cash can be securely withdrawn at any time with the use of PayPal. 

AviaGames isn’t stingy when it comes to giving players opportunities to win money. In addition to the Halloween events in October, additional opportunities through playing the Fortuity Wheel and Lucky Cards are also offered!

Whether you’re an avid bingo player who enjoys honing your skill by playing one on one against someone else, or you have a competitive streak wanting you to win against a large group of bingo players in tournaments, Bingo Clash has it all! What’s worth noting is that, unlike other mobile games, Bingo Clash offers gamers an ad-free, uninterrupted gaming experience – no random pop-ups or anything!

Join the Spooktacular Bingo Event

AviaGames has done it again with Bingo Clash – a fun and interactive bingo experience now featuring events with a spooktacular twist in October! A mobile game that is familiar to those who have played other AviaGames, and easy to learn for newbies, 

Bingo Clash offers users a unique gaming experience with a Halloween twist. Players can simply participate in 1v1 or tournament games to win real cash prizes and brush up on their Bingo skills as well. While it may be simple and easy to learn, that doesn’t mean the games can’t be challenging for those with a competitive streak. 

Are you ready to have some ghoulish fun? Enjoy pumpkins and bingo while playing against other real players and earning money on this mobile game. The Bingo Clash app can be found on the Apple and Google Store. So download the app now and start collecting the Halloween bonuses – only available for a limited time.

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