Buy Steroids in Canada — but Don’t Get Fooled

If you ever wanted to buy steroids in canada here is your chance! Today we will talk about the features of buying steroids in Canada, how not to get fooled, what steroids exactly are and other intriguing stuff. We are even going to play a little in mythbusters breaking through 5 lies about steroids. With that said, I will not be holding you any longer, let’s start!


Let’s be honest, if you want to buy steroids in canada you already know that that is illegal, right? 

Unfortunately or not but it is a cold heart fact. Banning steroids was only a matter of time. Firstly created for good and noble purposes, they were used even in neuropsychology (according to Oliver Wolf Sacks) to stimulate the work of the brain in people with epilepticus or in people with brain tumors. but they gained tremendous popularity among bodybuilders due to its anabolic properties. 

People started abusing them without really knowing the consequences and this led to really bad results with severe diseases or even death. Other guys decided that they can not win without steroids (that’s a pity, real confirmation of their weakness) and started cheating during competitions, completely breaking the honest fighting spirit. These and other facts led to banning steroids not only in Canada but also in other countries too. And due to the fact that now steroids are mostly on the black market,  it’s hard to find true and official information about them, bad guys use it to take advantage of you stealing your money by selling you absolute bullshit or even damaging your health by substandard steroids. You must first look for a steroids shop that you can trust.

Top-5 Lies about Steroids

The most entertaining part begins. Let’s see through most famous lies about steroids and prove why these so-called facts are not true at all. 

– Legal steroids exist 

Oh, bro, if only it were so easy to buy steroids in canada. Of course they do not exist. In most cases scammers are trying to sell you either an empty box or some kind of health tea which looks like an herbal mix, which is obviously a non-steroidal or fake compound, or not steroids at all. Even SARMs are not steroids at all even though they are often advertised like they are. 

By the way, just for your information, Selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, represent a new class of androgen receptor ligands. They are intended to have the same effect as androgenic drugs, but to be much more selective in their action, which allows them to be used for more uses than the relatively limited legal use of anabolic steroids. SARMs represent a new generation of tissue-selective androgens with as yet unrealized potential for the treatment of several diseases.

– You can get the same gains naturally 

Well, this one is questionable. A lot of articles now claim that all physical results depend on your genes. A meta-analysis of 24 studies showed that 10 to 72 percent of the differences in response to exercise in different people are determined by genetic characteristics. The effectiveness of training is influenced by polymorphisms in the genes of muscle proteins and genes that regulate mitochondrial function and metabolism. So, to achieve something that you can achieve with steroids without them is possible only in one condition, if you are genetically gifted to get to the same level. Even the indicators of Usain Bolt, the world record holder in the 100 and 200 meters, are significantly different from the indicators of a normal person.

– Steroids make you impotent 

Yes, this one is true. However, with one condition too. Steroids can make you impotent only if you abuse and overdose them. On the contrary, during the cycle athletes libido is breaking through the sealing, due to the increased male hormone testosterone levels. After the cycle or on post cycle therapy they can not achieve the same results as on the cycle, but that does not make them impotent, this makes them normal, since cycle results are boosted by steroids. As for fertility (the ability to fertilize), it must be admitted that science knows several cases of infertility occurring as a result of taking AAS. But their quantity is so low that it is ridiculous to talk about it. 

– Steroids are always for life 

Like alcohol and cigarettes lol. Actually it is absolute bullshit, especially because there are steroids to which you can get tolerance and stop gaining any results. The thing we want to say here, no, you can not get used to steroids, but to avoid such possibility you need to make the cycle right (without abuse, overdose but with a diet and workout) and complete your post cycle therapy. This will help you to return to your normal state like you have not been using steroids at all. As with all things, everything is good with moderation.  

– Steroids are the same, different kinds are just marketing tricks 

This is the funniest myth I have ever heard. Yes, all dogs are the same, right? They are all dogs after all! And just like dogs, steroids have their own `breeds`. They can be oral or injectable. In this one it is hard to compare them to the animals. Only in the case that one animals are for eating and others are for loving, idk. Secondly, steroids can be used for different purposes, like dogs for blind people, police dogs, etc. From this perspective, they can be for bulking, for cutting or for fat loss. cheapest testosterone replacement.


Today we discussed the main myth about steroids to help you finally make a decision whether to buy steroids in canada or not. And now, reading other articles and scanning through black market stores you will be fully armed and really hard to fool. 

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