Can coffee cause high blood pressure?

We cannot deny that we cannot stop having our cup of coffee every morning and during the afternoon. There are even people like the owner of this coffee blog who love coffee and can drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day and still feel good. But have you thought about this. How does coffee consumption affect your body?

Can coffee cause high blood pressure?

Starting with this, it is true that coffee intake can cause a slight increase in your blood pressure. Even if you do not suffer from high blood pressure, it is unknown why coffee alters blood pressure.

It is even believed that caffeine consumption could block the hormone that helps keep arteries open. Others say that caffeine produces adrenal glands which release adrenaline to the body. This explains the increase in blood pressure and energy that we feel when we drink coffee in our days.

If you start evaluating people who consume beverages that contain caffeine regularly, you may notice that they have a higher blood pressure than average. If you compare it with the pressure of people who do not consume caffeine, you will notice the difference. Consequently, we can say that drinking coffee does not cause an increase in blood pressure in the long term.

Do you suffer from high blood pressure?

If you notice that you have high blood pressure, it would be good to consult with a specialist if you should limit caffeine consumption. If you see that you have symptoms after taking it and you are concerned about the effect that coffee causes on your blood pressure, try to reduce the cups of coffee to 2 per day, especially in the morning. This is roughly 200 mg per day. This amount is approximately the same amount that is generally present in two cups of coffee. The amount of caffeine contained in certain products such as coffee and other energy drinks varies depending on the brand and its manufacturer and its method of preparation.

In addition, if you have any condition that produces alterations in your blood pressure, it will be good to avoid caffeine consumption before doing activities that increase it. These activities can be exercise, weight lifting, or physical work.

How can you tell if coffee increases your blood pressure?

To check this situation, it is best to take your blood pressure before drinking your coffee in the morning or if you drink another type of drink that contains caffeine, then take your blood pressure again 40 or 120 minutes after ingesting caffeine.

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If you notice that an increase between 5 and 10 points, it is likely that your body is sensitive to caffeine. So if you are thinking of reducing your caffeine consumption, do not do it abruptly. You should do it progressively over a few days to a week to avoid symptoms such as headaches that are caused by withdrawal. This is the correct and safest way to make this process a little easier than it is. Sometimes it costs a little to leave some habits to which we were used to for a long time.

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