Can I Win Free Slotting Aids at Singapore Casinos?

Are you a fan of online casinos but worried that your favorite Singapore gambling sites might be outlawed under the new Singapore gambling laws? There are some very good reasons for worrying. The law states that gambling is prohibited in areas that are open to the public except for specified public entertainment activities. These include all non-residential zones in Singapore, even the tiniest alleyway or park. Singaporean laws and traditions are extremely complex, but this article will provide you with a basic guide to what the new Singapore gambling laws state and what you can do to legally wager at Singapore casinos.

The main piece of the new Singapore gambling laws which may concern you concerns the operation of Singapore online casinos. If you are playing at a gaming machine in a public place, such as a corner of a mall or in a common drinking hole, then you are not breaking the law. On the other hand, if you are a slot machine owner and you make money off of a single win and you then keep on playing more in hopes of hitting it big, then you are guilty of gambling and can be prosecuted. So, if you want to make some extra money in your free time, you might want to think twice about what slot machines you place in areas where there are going to be a lot of people drinking.

If you’re worried about online casinos, there is still good news for you. The law does not affect online slots in any way, shape, form, or fashion. In fact, it is illegal to operate a live online casino in Singapore, but this rule is only applicable to online casinos that take wagers or winnings by means of credit cards. This includes any of the major online slot players, such as Microgaming, Playtech, Video Slot Machines, and Playfish.

On the other hand, there are some Singapore gambling laws that directly apply to land-based casinos. For example, all slots machines in Singapore are required to have maximum payouts. The maximum payout is the amount of money that the slot machine owner gets when he or she calls “close” or “play” on the machine. You will never, ever, get more than that from an online slot machine in Singapore. Now, you might say, “But my friend over there can have his fun for hours upon hours and I’ll still get my payout.” Such is the logic of a “real” Singaporean.

But wait, there’s more! Singaporean law also states that online slots must have minimum and maximum payouts, and those minimum and maximum wagers must always be the same. What this means is that if you’re looking to make a really big win, Singaporean law states that you are better off taking fewer bets. That way, you can “bank” on your luck more so than if you were to consistently and vigorously play on the very same odds with every single bet that you take. It’s not as if there are no live casinos anywhere in Singapore…

But one thing is for sure: you are never, ever going to win more money at any of the Singapore casinos than you would at any of the land-based casinos in Singapore. That’s because the jackpot at any of the Singapore casinos is only worth a fraction of what it is worth at land-based casinos – the jackpots at the Singapore casinos are not equivalent to the jackpots found in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or the Bahamas. In other words, the slot machines at Singapore’s marina bay sands and Singharajang Beach are never going to pay out more than their counterparts in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and the Bahamas.

So then, why do Singaporean citizens enjoy free slots? Is it because they don’t really want to win? Are they not capable of forming winning strategies and playing smart? Is it because they don’t know any better? Or is it because they have been suckered into playing on sites that offer them free bonus entries to online casino games without ever having played online yourself?

The truth is that while many Singaporeans like to play free PG slots and free online games, the majority of them would never play at all if they could. The reason is simple: the games offered at the Singapore casinos are no different from those offered anywhere else in the world. They’re just packaged in a way that makes them appealing to tourists. For example, you’ll find that most of the bonus points at Singaporean casinos involve winning real money – the free bonus entry won’t do anything for them because when the player wins, he gets his money back. Casino games are designed so that the player must win first before getting his bonus points, so that he won’t feel cheated after the game.

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