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Can tile roofs be repaired? | Tile roof repair Tucson

Tile roofs are made of fired clay or concrete at times and can be used for residential and commercial purposes. They are tough and have amazing cooling properties. Tile roofing is made by placing the tiles closely overlapping with each other and is attached to a solid base below the tile layer. It is usually used for sloped roofs and gives a nice look to the house.

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Benefits of tile roofs:

1) Durability: Tile roofs are known for their durability and ability to withstand almost all weather conditions, be it snow, rain, excessive heat, or storm. They can withstand anything unless there is unexceptional damage like a tree/branch falling on the roof or a hailstorm.

2) Energy efficient: In summers they tend to keep the inside of the house cooler because of the clay properties and don’t allow heat to pass through. This in turn reduces your air-conditioning usage and consumption. This saves money in the long run.

3) Low maintenance and longer life: Tile roofs can last up to 50 years and requires low maintenance because of their durability, which makes them a better option than other types of roofing.

4) Environment friendly: These tiles are made from clay or concrete which come from the earth and once they are removed or damaged they can be crushed into the soil or can be recycled or reused to build roads and other concrete structures.

5) Different options: The tiles can be made of any style, shape, or color. One can choose anything which complements the design of their home.

Although they are considered tough and have a longer life, there are chances that the roofs can be damaged by natural disasters or simply old age. Therefore tile roof repair is required at times.

Can tile roofs be repaired or do they need to be replaced completely?

Yes, Tile roofs can be repaired. Professional roofing contractors have the knowledge and experience to repair tile roofs instead of replacing the whole roofing system.

Types of Tile Roof Repairs

Underneath the tiles: The roof doesn’t consist of only tile, instead, the tiles are laid off on two or three layers which include modified bitumen, it is applied with hot asphalt, and a stick and peel underlayment to make the roof waterproof. Along with the damage or cracks in tiles, one also has to check the layer beneath it and see if any repair is needed.

Roof leaks: It is not necessary that a single tile has to be missing for the roof to leak, it can be also because of a cracked tile which is allowing the water to seep into the bottom layers, and with time it has also caused a leak into the house. As the layer maintains the structural integrity of the roof it has to be maintained and thus needs to be looked at properly. Administering such leaks is difficult at times. Without a protective layer for the tile, the outer elements can wear off the other layers, which in long term will destroy the whole roofing structure and will cost you a lot of money.

Re-roofing a segment: One good thing about tile roof repair is, if there is a leak in a particular section, you can just replace that section. The new section will have its own extended warranty. So if in the coming future you are planning to re-roof or repair the whole roof, make sure to check if you have repaired a segment recently. That section doesn’t need to be touched. This saves the cost for overall tile roof repair or replacement. One will be advised to change a complete section of the roof after analyzing the damage. If the whole roof is more than 20 years old then one should definitely consider roof replacement.

Fixing and repairing a tiled roof is a delicate yet potentially risky job, which is why it is advised to leave the job to certified professionals who are expert and experienced in this job.

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