Carpet Cleaning Machine Buying Guide in Kenya

A carpet cleaning machine is a device that you use to remove embedded dirt and stains in carpets. With the right carpet cleaner, you can perform the cleaning duties and avoid wearing off your carpet without hiring a professional cleaner.

A busy household will need a carpet cleaner to eliminate large amounts of dirt that kids and pets bring onto the carpet.When cleaning a rug, you have to pretreat it with a cleaning solution and allow it to soak for a few minutes.

The best carpet cleaning machines give you an exciting experience because technology has led to various modifications to their vital components. There are many types of carpet cleaning machines from numerous brands available in the Kenyan market. All carpet cleaning machines have crucial parts that you should consider when purchasing one. They include;


The pump generates the pressure that feeds the carpet with water. Enough pump pressure can inject water into the hidden interior of the rug for perfect cleaning activities. In addition, the compression levels of the pump range between 60 psi to 500 psi (per square inch).


The vacuum of a carpet cleaning machine sucks up dirty water and detergent solution from a carpet and takes it to the extraction tank. A motor drives the vacuum. It comes in various configurations that range from single 2-stage to three 2-stage engines. For optimum results, you should choose a vacuum powered by a motor with a minimum of two stages.

Solution and recovery tanks

The solution tank holds the rinse water, while recovery tanks accumulate vacuumed dirt, cleaning solutions, and water. Both the solution and recovery tanks come in various ranges of size. They can hold between 4.5 gallons and 17 gallons of water. The size of the solution tanks can help you determine the best carpet cleaning machine price in Kenya.

Heating unit

The heating unit is responsible for heating rinse water to 100 degrees Celsius in under three minutes. Heating units come in various ranges depending on where they heat water. A single tank-heating model unit heats water in the solution tanks while double inline heating elements heat water exiting the machine.

Additional components

Carpet cleaning machines come with a floor wand carrying one or two jets to dispense and extract cleaning solutions. The wand length can range from 10 to 12 inches. A hose attaches it to an electric power nozzle to help ease your cleaning activities.

Things to consider when buying a carpet cleaning machine

When purchasing a carpet cleaning machine, you need to consider the suction power of the vacuum, durability, and maintenance cost. In addition, you should choose a cleaner that best fits your budget.

It’s vital to prepare safe storage for your carpet cleaner to avoid theft and keep it away from unfavorable climates.


The carpet cleaner machine price in kenya can vary depending on various factors that include design, size, and the purpose of the cleaners. When looking for a carpet cleaner for the first time, you should carry extensive research to avoid buying substandard goods.

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