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Preparing to cast spells for love on milk

Today I, spellcaster Maxim, want to tell you about love spells  which are cast on milk. However, not any milk can be used in these spells. For example, you can’t use store-bought milk (whether you buy it at a supermarket or at a small local grocery store). To perform this ritual properly, you should go to a milk farm and ask the owner to let you milk a cow. Moreover, you should do it manually rather than use a milking machine. Let the farmer know you’ll have to come back, because to cast this powerful love spell, you need not one but three portions of milk. Milk a cow on the first day of the lunar cycle as soon as the moon begins to wane. When you’re done milking, pour the milk into a silver container and cover it with a lid tightly. Go back without making any stops on the way. Don’t talk to anyone on your way home, because the key is to not let the milk absorb any other people’s energy. Pour the milk into glasses. The number of glasses should be equal to the total number of rooms in your house or apartment, including the kitchen, halls, bathrooms, closets, etc. Put one glass in the most inaccessible corner of each room. Then check in on the milk twice a day – in the morning and in the evening – looking for the following signs: The first sign – if the milk turns sour within the first two days, it means you’re influenced by some negative energies which will always prevent you from being happy. If that’s the case, contact a professional magic practitioner as soon as possible and place an order for a professional cleansing ritual. You shouldn’t think about spells until you have this ritual performed. The second sign – the milk turns sour on different days within three days. This sign shows which of the rooms is the best to cast a spell for love in. Use the room in which the milk turns sour the last. The third sign – the milk doesn’t turn sour within three days. It’s one of the best signs to get. It means you’re surrounded by light energies. It also means you don’t have to use magic to get a chance at happiness. Your loved one doesn’t love you back just because you’re not right for each other and there is someone else out there destined for you. To find out who it is, contact a professional spellcaster.

Casting a spell for love

On the fifth day after you start the ritual, bring a second portion of milk to your house. You should milk a cow again and transport the milk in a silver container as well. In the evening, when the sun goes down, pour it into a simple wooden bowl with no patterns or incrustations. Put your photo into the milk and press it down with 12 silver coins. Wait for 4 days. Carefully pour the milk into a glass bottle. Take the bottle, the photo, the coins and a shovel, and go to the house of the target. You should walk there. Dig a hole under the window of the bedroom where you loved one sleeps, put the photo and then all the 12 coins into the hole. Pour half the milk into the hole. Bury the hole. Pour the rest of the milk over the hill. While doing it, say the following spell for love: “I’m not just putting my photo but I’m planting a seed to grow your (the target’s name) love for me. I’m not just leaving coins but I’m allowing them to turn into the chains to keep you (the target’s name) and I together forever. I’m not just spilling milk but reinforcing our relationship.” Walk home. Casting a love spell like this requires execution of the third part of the ritual. Bring the last portion of milk home. Pour it into a large frying pan, add three tablespoons of sugar and boil until you get dense high-boiled sugar mass. Use it as glue for your photo and a photo of the target. When the photos are glued together, wrap them in film and then into a clean cloth and put it away. Expect results shortly after the completion of the lunar cycle. I, spellcaster Maxim, hope they will be amazing.

Get a professional magic practitioner to agree casting a love spell for you

If you fail or if you don’t want to take your chances but want to be sure magic will give you what you want, contact me, spellcaster Maxim. I can offer you casting a love spell to make your loved one love you back, regardless of the target’s age and gender. It’s okay if you haven’t seen each other for a long time or if the target is happily married or in a relationship or lives thousands of miles away. I can put a powerful love spell successfully on any person living on our planet, whether or not this person is protected by any amulets or spells. So nothing can resist my magic. However, I have to advise you about some restrictions applying to love spells. Below are people I can’t put a love spell on: – Newly weds; – Cursed and hexed people; – People under the influence of love spells and breakup spells; – People you haven’t met in person; – People with mental disorders; – Pregnant women; – Underage people; – Public figures and famous people; – Sick people; – People who are currently targeted by other magic practitioners. Sometimes clients hire multiple magic practitioners at the same time, hoping to get better results. In fact, they break the laws of magic, so the magic practitioners have to compete against one another which affects the end result dramatically. You’ll learn more when you reach out to me. Feel free to contact me any time, even today!

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