Check out the list of reputable and legal casinos in Vietnam

To be able to play at Casino in Vietnam , people must have to wait a long time before they can play here. These casinos are mostly only for foreigners or overseas Vietnamese with passports to play. If you are wondering how many casino locations in Vietnam today, please read through the article below to better understand this issue.

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About Casino in Vietnam

Casinos in Vietnam are now allowed to operate legally in a number of famous locations. However, the number of casinos in Vietnam is still very limited, since the casino business was allowed to operate in 1995, Vietnam has only built and put into operation 6 casinos.

Casinos in Vietnam are opened in some famous tourist destinations such as: Hai Phong, Lao Cai, Da Nang, Quang Ninh, Vung Tau, Phu Quoc. However, casinos in Vietnam currently only serve most of the time. foreign guests, so this form of upmarket entertainment has not yet reached a large number of Vietnamese players

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List of Casinos in Vietnam

Here is a list of the most famous and lavish casinos in Vietnam that players may not know:

To know more about casinos in Vietnam, please join us through the article below to find out

Do Son Casino – Hai Phong

This is the first casino licensed to do casino business in Vietnam. Casino was built and started operating from 1995 until now. Due to government regulations, Do Son casino does not allow any Vietnamese to enter or visit the casino.

The security at Do Son casino is also very strict, all players participating in the Casino must be over 18 years old and must not bring any items such as cameras, camcorders, books and other objects. strange in the casino. If a player intentionally brings these items in and is discovered, they will be punished in the most appropriate form for this behavior.

With the gambling method based on the luck factor between the player as well as the house, it has attracted a lot of visitors here. Any form of deception here must receive appropriate penalties, this applies to the player as well as the house. It is because of these factors that Do Son Casino is considered the most legendary and famous in the casino world today

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Casino Ha Long – Quang Ninh

Casino Ha Long is located at Royal villa – Bai Chay – Ha Long Quang Ninh. This is one of the casinos with the largest area in the casinos in Vietnam today. Casino Ha Long has an area of ​​about 7000m2 and has been in operation since 2003 until now

Casino Ha Long is equipped with advanced and modern equipment. With a diverse game system such as: Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Blackjack and Texas Hold’em … along with 70 slot machines and many tables, players can freely choose to play games or at the table. Which one do I like to bet on?

In addition to games, customers can also relax and entertain at high-class restaurants, bars, hotels and swimming pools. Ha Long Casino is open 24/7 to serve all the needs of customers participating here

Casino Ho Tram Strip (Ba Ria – Vung Tau)

Ho Tram Strip Casino is located in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, this is one of the first casinos in Vietnam licensed to operate a live dealer casino in Vietnam. The games at this casino are as popular as other casinos

Ho Tram Casino is equipped with more than 500 playing machines and includes 90 tables. All casino machines here have modern technology comparable to major casinos in the world

Casino Aristo Lao Cai

Casono Aristo Lao Cai is one of the casinos in Vietnam serving mostly Chinese people. This is a casino established in 2002 and it was not until 2014 that it came into operation

  Casono Aristo Lao Cai is also fully equipped with modern equipment to serve the needs of players. With a variety of games, 300 slot machines and 48 tables for players to choose from

Club Crowne International Danang

Club Crowne International Danang is one of the largest casinos in Vietnam at the present time. With an area of 15,000m2 and located at Silver Shores International Resort on Bac My An beach. This casino includes 2 separate floors: 1st floor for normal players, 2nd floor will be for players who own VIP.

The game system at Club Crowne International Danang is also very rich and diverse for players to choose at will. This casino also does not allow any Vietnamese to enter the casino

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc is considered one of the most beautiful and largest casinos in Vietnam. This is the last casino opened in Vietnam as of now

Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc belongs to a 5-star resort and entertainment complex, located at Bai Dai – a beautiful beach in Vietnam and has opened to welcome guests since 2019.

Coming to Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc, you can not only enjoy playing your favorite games, but also enjoy relaxing entertainment at the beach, restaurant, bar….

And the most special thing here is that at Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc all people can play here.

Casinos in Vietnam are allowed to do business publicly?

To your question, all the casinos we mentioned above are allowed to do business publicly. But to be able to legalize playing Casino in Vietnam, businesses need to comply with a number of legal provisions as follows:

•         All businesses are only allowed to do casino business in Vietnam at a fixed point and must be licensed by competent state management agencies

•         All casinos in Vietnam must comply with the provisions of the law and the state

•         Must have a full license of investment registration certificate for a service and entertainment area Casino project

Some regulations when participating in playing Vietnam Casino

When you want to participate in playing at casinos in Vietnam, you need to comply with some of the following regulations

  • Casino participants who are foreigners and Vietnamese residing abroad must have a full passport licensed by a competent authority. Valid passport and legal entry into Vietnam.
  • Allowing Vietnamese people to play at Casino business points within 3 years from the date the first casino business is allowed to pilot in Vietnam

Above is an introductory article about casinos in Vietnam that are operating legally, which we would like to send to all of you. Through this article, players can know which casino locations allow Vietnamese people to play so that they can satisfy their passion here. Don’t forget to regularly visit the Jun88 bookie to receive a lot of useful information

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