Check This Out If You Need A Stoma Guard.

The stoma protection and guards device are designed for people who have a Stoma; which is the result of having had Ileostomy, Colostomy, or Urostomy surgery.

It was created by a person with a Stoma and is designed to help solve three of the main problems most ostomates have to deal with every day

They are normally used for the protection of the stoma from the influence of external pressure. They are used mostly by ostomates who work around objects or equipment that can easily hit them in their stomach area. Also, it is very useful and can be used for protection when you are around bouncing kids or large pooches.

They can also be rummage-sale to enhance sartorial options, as you will learn further in the object.

Some are level projects, while others are smooth-edged. The area they take up on your abdomen can also vary from brand to brand.

In most belongings, when obtaining a guard, you’ll need to pay consideration to the ensuing:

Do they concealment only the stoma or projection area, or do they range down near the middle of the bag? Greater guards (the ones that come down lower) may be healthier if your goal is to attire your appliance under your outfit.

What sympathetic of belt do they use and is it modifiable? This will be noteworthy to know so that you can get the best and most contented fit possible.

Does it offer enough clearance for your output? Low-profile protectors may not give your output abundant room to fall to the bottommost of your bag. People who have a urostomy or ileostomy may not have to apprehension about this as much as colostomies.

How adjustable are they? Some guards offer swappable padding to adjust the depth of the guard. Others offer belt guides that allow you to fine-tune the placement of the guard over your stoma.

Let’s take a look at Some Benefits of Stoma guards:

1.Stoma guards offer hard protection from direct impact. And also enhance support by applying gentle pressure on the appliance.

  1. They can be used during sports or other physical activities without reducing mobility (this depends on the size of the guard). And at the same time, they can be adopted to protect a stoma from pant belts, making it possible to wear your appliance under your clothing.
  2. Can work well as a seat belt guard

Disadvantages of stoma guards

1.Most of the stoma guards are bulky and uncomfortable to wear and this happens sometimes because of some potential issues.

  1. Stoma guards tend to be quite expensive. Mind you, depending on the style, Stoma guards may limit the capacity of your ostomy bag.

Most stoma guards require some kind of support belt or accessory belt to keep them secure. This may reduce comfort for some people. Certain styles won’t protect from a “sliding impact” and are better for direct impact protection. For ostomates who have thicker output, some guards may not allow stool to reach the bottom of the bag, which could result in pancaking or leaks.

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