Choosing the Right SMS Short Code Service Provider

In today’s market, businesses and institutions have to fight for the common person’s time more than ever, as smartphones and the internet mean that their attention is more divided than ever before. Many businesses have successfully used short code services to be able to reach their base easily, but since it’s a cornerstone of marketing, you’ll need to pick the right provider for you if you want that same level of success.

1- Understand your business needs

Before you’re ready to pick the right short code SMS API for you, you’ll have to evaluate your business’s needs and what you should expect from your provider if you want your upcoming campaign to be as efficient and beneficial for you as possible. Your business may be big or small and part of an established industry, an up-and-coming one, or something more niche that’s unique and has an entirely different set of requirements.

Smaller businesses may need to go for a cheaper option with local providers that offer coverage in a city or group of cities, and larger or more niche ones may need bigger providers that offer more features in their messaging to make them stand out more.

2- Keep scalability in mind

SMS short code messaging is something that has the capacity and capability to change your business forever and influence its growth, and if you’re taking a new and radical approach to this technology, you may find that your business does grow as you’re able to reach more and more customers.

Soon, you may want to expand your network to reach customers in different cities or states, and you’ll need to have a service provider up to the task since smaller, local ones can only provide this service in a city or a small area of the city. A bigger provider is more scalable and will be able to grow with you as your business and its needs expand.

3- Focus on customer support

This short code technology is something that many businesses have adopted, and it’s allowed them all to focus more on their customer support and let their customers reach them easier than ever since short code numbers are able to receive messages at a rapid pace, too. By becoming part of this technology, you’re likely aiming to get ahead of your competitors, and to do that, you’ll need to search for a provider with the best customer support you can find. The things you should be looking for include fast response times, dedicated representatives, and a full-decked-out messaging system that can generate and settle customer complaints all in the messaging chat without having to open another link or go on a website.

4- Consider features

The features associated with each service provider are different, and you’ll have a different experience depending on who you partner with. Smaller, local providers allow businesses to use all of their preferences with little oversight, which can lead to a clearer message but a higher risk of something going wrong or a miscommunication occurring. Larger providers have client representatives who guide you through the entire process, are available to you at all times and have bonus features like MMS-enabled messaging and voice chats.

5- Understand your budget

As previously mentioned, using these short code services can cost you little or a lot of money depending on both the service provider you’ve chosen and the package you’ve gone with. In a perfect world, every business would have the biggest feature package available, sending high-quality ads at all times to millions of people, but, unfortunately, these messages are more expensive and can sometimes have a rate per thousand messages sent. Before you’re ready to go with a provider, you’ll have to assess your budget and find one that’s more in line with what you can afford.


Short code technology is a revolutionary thing that people use to overhaul and completely change their businesses, and it’s allowed millions of people to be able to engage with ads and marketing easier. However, like any technology, it’s complicated and needs tact and expertise to use properly. Your service provider will be the group that helps you the most in figuring this technology out, acting as your partner through any difficulty or problem you might encounter. Luckily, with the information in this article, you’ll know everything you need to choose the right provider to help you every step of the way.

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