Colorize black and white photos online for free

Colour photography emerged slowly after the nineteenth century before that all the photos were taken by using black and white films. We all have black and white photos of our grandparents and ancestors. If you plan to frame one of those black and white photos and place it in your hallway, you must be willing to add colors to them. Whatever the reason is you can colorize any black and white photo easily.

Many apps are working that can easily colorize a black and white picture. But if you are looking for a free online way to add colors to a  black and white photo then imgkits is the best option. Colorizing a black and white photo on imgkits is so easy that even a person who does not know about photo editing can do it. 

Along with photo colorizer, Imgkits also provides many other easiest AI photo processing tools without any charges such as watermark remover, image more upscale, photo enhancer, background remover, and many more. 

Colorizing a black and white photo by using Imgkits photo colorizer

Colorizing a black and white photo by using Imgkits photo colorizer is a very easy and quick method. You just have to upload the image and the resulting picture with beautiful colors will appear on the screen which you can easily download or save on your device. 

All the AI tools of Imgkits are divided into three main sections, Inpaint, photo restoration, and background remover. Photo restoration enables the users to enhance, unblur, inpaint, upscale, defog and colorize the pictures within seconds. 

Imgkits website works so intelligently that it automatically selects the colors and the combinations. As mentioned earlier it provides all of its tools free of cost and the results are shocking and professional. 

How to colorize black and white photos online:


It is very easy to use the photo colorizer tool of Imgkits, you do not have to be skilled or a professional photo editor to use any type of editing tool. All you need to do is to upload the photo on the website and wait until the result appears on your screen. Follow the given steps to colorize any black and white photo by using the photo colorizer tool of Imgkits:

  • Go to Imgkits website on your mobile phone or computer.
  • Straight away move towards a photo restoration tool for colorizing black and white photos.
  • Uploaded the photo or you can simply drag and drop the photo there. 
  • After uploading the photo Wait until Imgkits processes the photo. It will hardly take 4 to 5 seconds and the results are here.
  • You can download or save the colorized photo easily into your device.

Here the Process of photo colorizing is done. You will get the efficient and best results from this tool of Imgkits. 

Final comments:


We have described all the information regarding Imgkits and its photo colorizer tool in the above sections. It is very easy to use all the tools of Imgkits and the results appear within seconds on the screen. The photo colorizer tool of Imgkits works so efficiently that the resultant photo is unique and mesmerizing. 

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