Common Water Purifier Problems

Like other home and kitchen appliances, water purifiers also require regular maintenance and servicing. It’s very important to take the water purifier’s maintenance seriously. The regular maintenance and proper servicing of water purifiers are important for your health and the long life of water purifiers. However, lots of common problems are there that appear in almost all water purifiers. In this blog, there are a few common water purifier problems and their solutions.

RO Purifier Not Working

There may be two situations when your water purifier is not working.

  1. a) The ‘Power On’ indicator is off – Firstly, check the power button is on or off of your water purifier. If the power button is off, don’t forget to check the power supply is available or not. When both of the conditions are checked, and still your water purifier is not working, then it may be some faults in its wiring or SMPS. In such conditions, you need to call RO service provider for diagnosing the problem.
  2. b) The ‘Power ON’ indicator is on – if the power button is on and your water purifier is still not working, then you should check your main valve. It might be your water supply valve closed. If the valve is open and the water purifier is still not working, then you need to the water pressure. Because most water purifiers don’t work at low water pressure, if the purifier is not working at high water pressure, it may be the filter and membranes are needed to be replaced or cleaned.

Solution: Call the water purifier service expert.

  • Water Leakage

Water leakage from the water purifier is a common problem. The reason behind this problem is that the connectors of the water pipes have loose connections. This leads the water leakage from the water purifier. To resolve this problem, you need to ensure all the pipes are fitted correctly in place. If you still notice any leakage, call at water purifier service center. This leakage from the water purifier creates tons of problems.

Solution: Call water purifier technician to find out the leakage causes.

  • Bad Taste of Water

The water purifier has not any kind of bad taste. But, you feel a taste difference in the water while drinking the purified water. The reason for this taste difference may be the cause of the presence of chlorine in the water. This might have happened when the purifier filters don’t filter the water properly. To resolve this problem, it’s necessary to change the filters of the purifier every 12 months.

Solution: Replace the purifier filters on time.

  • Auto Shut-Off Failure

When the water purifier water storage tank is fully filled to the maximum level, the water purifier automatically shuts off, and so does the purification process. If the auto shut-off is not working, then the water purifier will not work continuously. This results in water overflow from the water storage tank of the purifier.

Solution: Call the Kent RO services in Mumbai to repair or replace the faulty part.

  • The water Storage Tank Takes More Time to Fill

Have you noticed ever your water purifier taking more time to fill the storage tank? Each filter of the water purifier is made filter specific sizes and types of impurities. Sometimes, these impurities are stuck in the filter or membrane. If the filter gets not cleaned or replaced on time, it leads to the water flow being blocked by the impurities collected on the filter surface. This problem is too common in areas that have poor water quality.

Solution: Get the filters or membranes replaced.

  • Vibrations or Noise in Water Purifiers

The basic reason behind vibrations and noise in any water purifier is its RO pump. Like the other pump water purifier’s pumps also become noisy over time because of work. The water purifier pump has many parts, like bearings, that move at high speed for generating the necessary water pressure for water purification. These vibrations and noise also emerge if the water purifier pumps are not fitted tightly.

The other cause of these vibrations and noise is the loose wiring and connecting pipes. The connecting wire between two filters should not be two longer. Sometimes, you can also notice the vibrations if your filters have changed recently.

Solution: Connect with Kent RO service provider in Mumbai to find out the cause and take the recommended action.

These are common water purifier problems and their solutions. If you want to be healthier, you must resolve the purifier problems on time. Therefore, the purified water plays a vital role in being healthy. For resolving your water purifier problems, you can connect with the RO service. They will help you in finding out your water purifier’s problems and resolving those issues on time.

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