Compare Medicare Supplement Plans – Now it’s Easier Than Ever Before!

A lot of seniors have no idea how to compare Medicare Supplement Plans (also called MAPS) side-by-side. You can compare Medicare Supplement Plans side-by-side simply by using the free Medicare Supplement comparison chart provided on our web site. That makes comparing Medicare Supplement Plans pretty darn easy. Here’s what you need to know to find the best Medicare Supplement plan for you.

There are many different ways to look at your current health situation, which is why it’s so important to understand what Medicare does and doesn’t cover. For example, there are several different gaps in coverage you should be aware of. If you or a loved one are considered low risk, you won’t need Medicare Part A coverage, even if you’re younger than 65. If you’re at higher risk, either because of your age, health conditions, or medications, you’ll need Part B.

In order to find out what Medicare does and doesn’t cover, you need to understand what Medicare Supplement Plans is. When you enroll in Medicare, you choose a primary plan. Usually, after you’ve made all the choices that you’re allowed by the policy, you’ll get a notice from the physician office that lets you know which Medicare Supplement Plan you’ve chosen. That’s the plan, you’ll use to fill in any gaps in your primary coverage.

For most people, the best plan choice is usually Part A. Lots of seniors find this easier to stick with than any of the other options. You’ll have more of a choice here – at least you think so. The problem is, most seniors tend to stick with the same health care providers. They may have used these health care providers for years, but once Medicare makes them a Medicare Supplement Plan provider, they’re tied to them forever.

The good news about Part D and Medicare Supplement Plans is that the government has committed to changing Part A and Part B so that they’ll be available to everyone within five years. But that means there won’t be an easy way to compare Medicare Supplement plans. For the most part, it’s still pretty much impossible to do this without knowing exactly what each one covers. Even if you could, most of us wouldn’t have time to do the research that’s required to see what the new rules are. So that leaves one option – just wait.

That’s what the health care industry calls an “excessively burdensome” rule. It’s meant to make it more difficult for you to shop around for the best Medicare Supplement Plans in light of the fact that they’re going to cost a lot more money. They want you to sign up for something that you can’t really afford. You don’t need to worry about it, though. Just take my advice and wait a few years until the new rules go into effect and you can comparison shop for your own coverage without having to deal with overly burdensome rules.

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