Complete wine-tasting guide: Everything you need to know about tasting wine like a professional

Wine drinkers seem to assume that a wine is good if they like it. As someone might say, “I like the wine; therefore, it is good.” But opinions are subjective. These people are often biased because of their own personal tastes and the kinds of wine they’re familiar with. Color, style, price, and taste are all factors that influence the quality of the wine. Assessing the quality of the wine objectively and determining if it is good can be an enjoyable experience. The taster is required to test a variety of wines, including those he may not like or that he is unfamiliar with.

You need a clean palate before tasting, as strong flavors such as coffee, cigarettes, and garlic will mask the wine’s taste. You should pour yourself a small glass of wine to sample. Pour the wine into the bowl with enough room for the wine to swirl without spilling.

The art of tasting wine

Here comes the fun part: the tasting! To taste wine, you need to look, swirl, smell, and sip. As you move through each step, you will gain a deeper understanding of wine by focusing your attention on its individual components – clarity, aromas, taste, and taste profiles – so you can more accurately decide if it is balanced or not, delicious or mediocre. Learn these easy steps for tasting wine like a pro, just as you would for playing the piano or riding a bike!


To see how the wine’s color looks, tilt your glass at an angle before you taste. You can determine if it’s clear or cloudy by checking the opacity. There are many clues to a wine’s age and varietal buried in its appearance, but unless you’re blind tasting, you shouldn’t stay too long with this step. Lighter white wines will have more pale colors, while richer, golden-white wines will be more opulent. Red wines with lighter hues you can see through often have a light body, while those with darker hues should have a heavier body.

Swirl and Smell

The nose is the key to your palate when tasting wine, a little-known fact. The scent of wine plays an important part in your satisfaction with it. When you are about to drink wine, make sure to swirl it a bit so that the aromas are brought out. Wine aromas can be delicate or strong, pleasant or unappealing. It allows the wine to “breathe” and open up, allowing the good stuff to be revealed. Then take a big whiff of it after you’ve swirled it around. Can you smell anything? Are you smelling anything fruity, earthy, dried herbs, or sulfurous? Various grape varieties, locations, and production methods will each produce a unique aroma.


Take a sip of the wine after you’ve sniffed it a little. When it comes to tasting, there are no standards, but professionals often roll their wine around on their tongue and take in some air simultaneously to allow it to hit every part of the tongue. Start paying attention to how the wine touches your taste buds, regardless of how you choose to do it.

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