Contemporary Walk-In Shower Creates Spa-like Ambiance in Bathroom

As a comprehensive part of home improvement, the homeowners always fix a high amount of budget for bathroom makeovers. And the term ‘makeover’ always emphasizes something special. So, while you plan to renovate your bathroom space, your minds tuck in the blissful experience of the resort’s bathroom. But, today you do not need to divert this type of thought about bathroom renovation.

In Pensacola, the bathroom fittings and equipment manufacturing industry is experiencing a significant phase of a renaissance. The spa-like ambiance of the bathroom always requires a contemporary walk-in-shower space. Thus, the property owners may appoint reputed bathroom renovation service provider like MaxHome for their next bath remodel in Pensacola region. 

Here are some Innovative Concepts of Walk-In Shower:

The Specialty of Doorless Walk-In Shower Design

1) Seamless accessibility

A doorless walk-in shower always brings a luxurious appeal to any contemporary bathroom. The elegance of this shower design increases the home improvement value during reselling.

The doorless walk-in-showers do not require a threshold or any enclosure. So, in terms of accessibility, it meets the need for easy-to-handle bathroom features for all of your family members. The great advantage of a doorless walk-in-shower lies in its open and wide mobility options. Because having a spacious entrance this type of shower becomes a boon for the walker and wheelchair-depended members of your family.

2) Hassle-free Maintenance

As the doorless walk-in shower does not have an enclosure, it offers hassle-free cleaning options. For cleaning, you do not need to involve any squeegee or spray bottle. Simple periodic wiping down keeps your walls clean.

3) Reduces Budget

As it has no scope to install a glass enclosure, the cost of doorless walk-in-shower always remains lower than other variations of walk-in-shower.

The Specialty of Curtained Walk-In Shower

If you need a cost-effective fashion for your walk-in shower, then curtain panels are the best choice. Glass enclosures always come with a high pricing tag. Curtain panels create a trendy shower space, which reflects the excellent walk-in-shower ambiance along with a temporary private nook. This type of curtained walk-in-shower space requires wooden beams as supportive infrastructure to mount the curtain rods.

The Specialty of Sink and Walk-In Shower Combo

If you need a perfect furnishing plan for your small bathroom, you can opt for a wall-mounted sink. Because a wall-mounted sink always saves space for your dream walk-in shower. You need to keep a half wall with tiled decor to create a nook between the sink area and walk-in-shower space.

Instead of a full vanity set, while you opt for a mounted sink, you will get plenty of space for garbage management. So, you can utilize the rest of the space for towel hooks outside the shower door and a small stool for storage, which can tuck in the rear side of the sink.

The Specialty of Walk-In Shower with an Attached Window

If you get an appearance of a window in your walk-in-shower space, it will be an amazing refreshment space. Because you can experience sunbeams in the morning and the sparkling stars at night from your walk-in shower.

To execute this type of design concept, you can opt for the combo of a glass door and clerestory window. It will bring an impact like the living room in your small bathroom.

The Specialty of Walk-In Shower beneath Eaves

As a homeowner, if you are facing the odds to remodel a trendy shower space for architectural obstacles, then this concept will end your worries. As per this design, you can tuck your long-desired walk-in-shower under an eave. So, your walk-in shower will not consume any extra functional spaces in your small bathroom area. And this design will help you to get a luxurious appeal of walk-in-shower space keeping aside the toilet compartment. Thus you can avail the luxurious appearance of planned functionalities like master bathrooms in your small bathroom.

Wrapping Up

Bathroom remodeling is a tedious process than all other home remodels. All these above concepts and designs of trendy, functionality-laden walk-in-showers meet the versatile needs of bathroom remodeling plans. With the experienced designers and professional team, MaxHome is the one-stop solution for your next bath remodel in Pensacola, Florida. Experience the difference with bathroom remodeling from MaxHome. You will have your dream bath suit that never before.

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