Cricket Betting: Strategy and System Tips

It is a non-Olympic team sport with a huge fan following among Indians. The population of India exceeds a billion people and cricket is loved here by everyone, young and old. It is thanks to Indian fans that this discipline has become one of the most popular in the world, second only to football. Cricket competitions are not seasonal, they are held in all seasons. Therefore, this sport attracts not only fans but also bettors. The possibilities for making a bet are virtually unlimited, you don’t have to wait for the next event for months.

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What cricket bets are accepted?

Taking into account the peculiarities of the game, the line for this discipline is very diverse, it offers various betting options:

  • On the result. Most often, one of the opponents is bet on the victory. The possibility of playing a draw here is very low, moreover, a draw is possible only in test matches.
  • Bet on a double chance. The essence of such bets is the same as in the previous case. The only difference is the ability to add two possible results into one bet for a lower quote. For example, you can make a bet not on the winning of one of the teams, but on the fact that he will not lose.
  • Handicap. Here they propose to predict the result with which this or that team will end the meeting. In the initial stages, a zero handicap is applicable.
  • Totals. Deals are made for the number of points per match, inning, after a certain number of overs. Both general and individual results are accepted.
  • Bet on the statistics of the participants. This is making predictions for the personal achievements of athletes: titles of the best bowler or receiver, the number of points brought to the team, the number of wickets broken, six-point strikes.
  • Bet on game statistics. There are plenty of statistics and minor events here. Often the offices offer to put on the destruction of the first wicket.

There are also additional bets in the lines. For example, the market on the first inning is quite popular, as well as the bet on the result of the draw.

The Right Cricket Betting Strategy

Experienced privateers successfully predict cricket as they use their unique betting strategy. The main thing is to correctly conduct a pre-match analysis of the match, taking into account the main factors.

It is important to take into account the results of the draw. The team that attacks first gains the advantage, as the player plays first on a fresh court with a new ball. The ball does not change here as in baseball all the time, but only after playing a certain period. After waiting for the results of the draw, the professionals place their bets live.

Cricket is a sport that is highly dependent on the weather. Since they don’t play in the rain, on the eve of the match, the bettor must certainly check the weather forecast for tomorrow. It is important in which country the competition takes place. In some regions, the sun sets earlier and there may not be enough time to finish the game. Cricket is not played under artificial light.

Pitch coverage is another important factor. The acceleration of the ball after rebounding from the surface, the quality of the attack, and the bowlers depend on this. Humidity is important, players are more fond of areas where the humidity is low, it is much easier to play on them.

We must not forget about the form of the teams and each athlete. It is important to summarize all the known factors and do not forget that two teams are playing on the field, not just your favorites, and each team has its strengths and weaknesses.

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