All Review: Earn Interest on Your Crypto with this App

If you need the best platform to sell and buy cryptocurrency, is one such platform that allows you to exchange virtual currency. It not only keeps your digital assets secure but also helps to trade easily. The platform prioritizes low fee, high security, and plethora of opportunities to earn maximum interest.

Being new to the crypto world, you must be considering a platform which is safe and secure. Continue reading to learn about and what you can expect from this platform.

What Offers to Users?

As per Cryptobullsclub, users can easily buy/sell the cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH and many more. In return, you will earn interest in virtual currencies. Although users do not get desktop access, you get some notable features which are given below:

  • Crypto trading
  • Sell funds to the other users through this platform
  • Have crypto wallet
  • Staking platform to earn interest
  • Visa Card facility.
  • Support more than 90 cryptocurrencies, out of which 60 types are available in the U.S, and 22 are available in all states.

Earn Interest with Staking Coins Features

Staking coins means locking your crypto coins for a particular period, and in return, you earn maximum interest on virtual currencies. Moreover, the interest rate may vary according to the period for which you stake your crypto coins.

But the interest is paid to you in the form of virtual coins that you have staked instead of fiat money or in USD. app allows you to earn interest, which is known as Crypto Earn. But keep in mind that this is not available to Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Malta residents. Visa Card

The good news is recent; it partnered with the VISA to have multiple crypto cards. There are different card tiers available that offer different rewards. To its lowest, the Midnight Blue VISA cardholders can earn around 1% back which can be paid in CRO form. But the highest tier can earn up to 8% back. Pricing

The best thing about this app is that it is a part of the crypto exchanges, so it has minimum fees on trading. Additionally, you also get numerous incentives to various offset fees. Hence, this will encourage them to become active crypto traders.

It will charge 3.99% and 2.99% credit card/debit card processing fees on the mobile app. Moreover, it offers 30 days zero processing fee promotions to the crypto. It also charges a 0.10 to 0.16% fee on trading volume. The fee will be charged immediately as soon as you fill the orders.

The wallet withdrawal fees will be the lowest and depend on the number of coins you withdraw. But it ranges from 0.015% to 0.025% taker and maker free. Security

This platform accounts for the security of the users seriously. Moreover, 100% of the cryptocurrencies are held in cold storage, which keeps them safe from hackers. Apart from this, the fiat currencies are protected and constantly held within the regulated banking institutions, which further ensure security. Customer Services

The platform offers complete customer support to the users via email and lives chats. However, the reply is slower and addresses the issue a little slowly. So, it could be better. But the service does get better as soon as you are rich to higher tiers.


  • Lowest processing fee
  • Complete security
  • One-stop solution for all the trading needs
  • Earn interest and rewards


  • Customers’ services and response time can be better.

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