Customer Service Practices to Boost Your Business

Today’s landscape has become a nightmare for businesses all over the world. The COVID pandemic has shaken economies and toppled many businesses and corporate organizations. Due to  this, we have  witnessed many people losing their jobs and  a lot of small businesses being shut down.. As a result, the purchasing power of people has shrunk quite a bit and customers  cautious than ever  in  trusting any organization with their business.  Due to cost-cutting and price saving, they are looking for a business that can provide them with the best services. A major consumer mindset is that they look for the business with good reviews and an assistive customer support department before making a purchase. This trend is especially found in businesses that offer services. If we look at ISPs, the name of RCN pops up instantly  although it is not a major provider and only offers services in five states, but due to exceptional RCN customer service, it has received rave reviews and is a major market holder in its service states.

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This trend clearly shows how big of a part customer service plays in the current consumer market. Although, unfortunately, this is also a department where companies are least interested in investing. Most customer service teams are not properly trained and are usually underpaid while working several hours of the day. Since, due to these reasons the customer service of major companies  are not properly functional, which results in customers switching providers quite frequently. This is also a fact that acquiring a new customer costs very much to a company and in contrast to that retaining a customer is cheaper. This factor has a direct impact on the revenue of a business and it’s about time that companies need to realize the importance of customer service because without it, survival will become difficult in today’s evolving business climate.

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Impact of Customer Service on Sales

Customer Service has a direct impact on the performance of the business and the performance of any business is dependent on its sales. Thus there is a direct correlation between customer service and sales. As we discussed earlier, retaining a customer is much more cost-effective than acquiring a new customer, and customer service is the department that handles customer retention. . Therefore, good customer service allows the current customer base to stay loyal to the  brand, andloyal customer  promotes more selling opportunities like upselling. Plus, customer satisfaction is a major tool of free marketing and creating brand value in the industry, which in turn attracts more customers that results in more revenue. Due to these factors, customer service has a direct and major impact on the revenue of a firm.

On the flip side, bad customer service can ruin the reputation of a firm and with a bad reputation, no company can survive this tough business climate of today. In the age of online business, every information about a company can be easily found online including reviews. These online reviews play a crucial part in shaping the perception of customers about a business. Most of the time, the angry reviews seen on the internet comes from frustrated customers who have been wronged or mistreated by their company. This means their customer service department failed to retain those customers which resulted in them not only ending their transactions with that business but also creating a negative image of that brand in the market.

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Customer Service Techniques that Increase Business

We have already established previously that customer service directly influences the sales and revenue of a business. This has also been stated that consumers now consider good customer service as a key factor in choosing the business to work with. However, here we are going to talk in detail about those components of customer service that can directly influence a company’s growth.


Having personalized interaction with customers is a key trait behind good customer service. Through personalization, you can build a genuine connection with your customer instead of just treating them as an everyday task. Through personalization, many key objectives can be accomplished including upselling and creating needs to boost sales. Personalization can also create brand loyalty in customers’ minds in which they consider their brand the best and recommend it to others. Plus through genuine connections, the customer listens to the company and they can reach better resolutions whenever the customer is going through any problem with the service or product. Personalization can be achieved by doing as little as calling customers by their name, providing them with personal dedicated contacts, or offering loyalty perks. Personalization is a key trait for customer service that can go a long way in improving any sort of business.

Being Honest

Honesty is the best policy, this statement stands true especially in the case of customer service. Being honest in your interactions with the customer is the key to retaining them instead of giving false hopes. Giving accurate time about the resolution of a query or problem, conveying the right prices of products and services along with discounts and offers, and communicating complete terms of service and usage makes the customer understand the product better and avoid future confrontations which are mostly based upon confusions of the customer. Honesty in communication is another factor that can do wonders for the growth of a business because it invokes loyalty and improves brand image in the minds of consumers.

Efficient Assistance

The main goal of customer service is to provide necessary assistance to the customers whenever they’re stuck with anything and reach out to the customer service teams. The best part about customer service is that it can help grow a business immensely just by doing its job which is so to provide assistance to the customer. In this fast-paced life, nobody has time to remain stuck to their phones just to get a minor issue regarding their product resolved. That is the reason why efficient assistance and support have become a critical component that helps grow a business by increasing customer satisfaction.

Summing Up

Customer service is an essential component for a business entity, and after the pandemic, the importance of good customer service has shot up since businesses cannot afford to lose customers. On the other hand, customers are careful than ever in conducting transactions with any particular firm. In times like these, businesses should adopt and integrate techniques mentioned above in their customer service routines, which will help them grow by creating a positive brand image, building a loyal customer base, improving customer satisfaction scores, and ultimately increasing revenue through all this.

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