Keno Debet – Super Lottery Product Only Available At Debet Bookmaker

Keno Debit It can be said to be the hottest computer lottery entertainment product on the market. According to statistics, the number of players accessing and experiencing this product every day is up to thousands. Please follow us to learn more details about this famous game in the following article.

How interesting is Keno Debet?

Keno is a fast game, similar to our country’s computer lottery. The publisher will set a random algorithm for the game. After each drawing session, the system will provide the value of any 20 drawn balls in the range 01 – 80.

Currently, this product is debet Provides many special bet types as follows:

  • Over/Under: Total value of 20 balls > = 811 is over and = < 810 is under.
  • Odd/Even: Predict whether the total value of the 20 drawn Keno Debet balls is odd or even.
  • Dragon/Tie/Tiger: The rules are the same as the Dragon Tiger card game in the online casino system. The tens digit is the Dragon door and the units digit is the Tiger door. For example, the total number of 20 numbers drawn is 636, at this time 3 < 6 => the Tiger player wins.
  • Over/Odd: Total value of 20 drawn balls > = 811 and must be an odd number.
  • Under/Odd: Total value of 20 drawn balls = < 810 and must be an odd number.
  • Over Even/Under Even: Calculated similarly to Over/Odd and Under/Odd bets.
  • Metal: The total of 20 Keno Debet balls drawn must be in the range of 210 – 695. Similarly, the remaining elements are Wood (696 – 763), Water (764 – 855), Fire (856 – 923). and Earth (924 – 1410).

Detailed Keno rules for first-timers to experience

Explaining the strong appeal of the Keno Debet product

After the previous content, everyone can see how interesting this product is. Besides such easy-to-understand rules, the house also provides the ultimate entertainment space for members as follows.

The Keno computer lottery interface is extremely simple and easy to understand

When launching the product, people will immediately see an extremely simple entertainment interface. This helps new members easily manipulate numbers even if they are not proficient in technology.

Keno Debet offers extremely good reward rates for bettors

The house not only ensures product quality but also provides extremely high bonus rates for members. Everyone will have a chance to bet 1 to 9.2 if they are lucky enough to predict the ball number.

The time taken to spin the number is super fast

In fact, the time it takes to spin numbers in the Keno game is only in seconds. This not only shortens betting time but also creates opportunities to make money extremely quickly for players. Perhaps that is why this product is favored by many bettors.

Some other outstanding advantages of the Keno Debet product

Debet is inherently a reputable bookmaker brand that has been operating for more than 10 years in the market. Therefore, the results of this computerized lottery product always ensure fairness for members. In addition to being honest, the house also offers many excellent customer services as follows:

The powerful attraction of the masterpiece Keno Debet

  • Security: Strong security system, keeping players’ personal information absolutely safe.
  • Transactions: Integrating many online payment methods, making the Keno Debet deposit/withdrawal process more convenient and faster.
  • Promotions: Provides many promotions with huge prize values. Just register to participate in the prize and you will definitely get a gift for yourself.
  • Customer care: The staff is professionally trained, ready to answer questions or handle any betting problems of players.

Instructions for joining Keno Debet for new members

To not miss this super interesting computer lottery product, new players should follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Access the house and select “Register” to create a new member account.
  • Step 2: After successfully setting up your account, log in to the system and link your online payment account.
  • Step 3: Make your first deposit transaction and receive the corresponding promotion (if any).
  • Step 4: Products keno debet will be displayed in the “Quick Games” category. Players need to click to go to the computer lottery gaming interface.
  • Step 5: In the right corner of the screen there will be a section “PLAYING INSTRUCTIONS” for new players. If you are sure you know the rules of the game, wait for the countdown, choose your favorite bet type and deposit money.
  • Step 6: After a successful experience, if you earn a lot of bonus money, you can return to the home page to withdraw money.

Instructions for registering to play Keno for new players


Through the previous content, everyone has mastered the knowledge of the gameKeno Debit is hot right now. With the 6-step process above, we are confident that new players will participate successfully. Wishing newbies good luck when experiencing this computer lottery masterpiece at the house.

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