Demonstrating and Teaching Leadership In Football

Developing leadership from within is inherent to our profession. A major contributing factor lies in players’ desire and willingness in the program to provide positive and effective leadership, guidance, and direction. We have squandered an unnecessary amount of time discussing player leadership. Many think that leadership is a gift. We believe that players can and must develop leadership.

Our answer to the need for leadership is not merely to appoint leaders and let them do their thing but to cultivate and teach the principles of leadership to those who possess the essential preferences to become successful people. We discuss these principles daily, identifying prospects and methods of teaching leadership.

Assigning leadership projects for players and coaches has been instrumental in the development of quality leaders. Often a young man wants to lead but doesn’t know how and has no experience drawing. We determine where there is a need and how a potential leader might address the issue to provide the desired result. We then assign the player to the task and provide him with appropriate direction to gain the experience of leading.

This is the first step in cultivating and developing quality leadership. Our process has been instrumental in developing leaders who are successful in our program and other areas of life. Our method has also helped us cultivate younger players for future leadership roles in the program.

In our haste to complete our daily tasks, we often overlook tremendous opportunities to guide and direct young people.

A valuable principle for us has always been seeking out, identifying, and accepting the opportunity to do just that. The opportunity to counsel young people is always available, but the window of opportunity for each individual is often narrow. When we identify it, we must seize it. Counselling need not always be a response to problems.

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Of course, we confront problem issues, but we also face pure issues regularly. We talk on a basic, goal-oriented level. Wherewith do we get of where we are to where we want to be? Again, this process shows the young man that you have an investment in his life, which brings him to greater investment in you and the program.

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