Diamond Ring Design Trends in 2022

Diamond rings are a timeless item – known not just for their beauty and style but for their ever-presence in beautiful moments such as marriage proposals and vow-renewals. Apart from their monetary value, they are worth the world in sentimental value to so many people.

However, just like all fashion items and accessories, preferred styles change over time – reflecting the general sentiment in society, leading to variations in qualities such as the band’s thickness and the stone’s size, as well as the number and placement of those stones.

The four C’s are a great way to objectively analyze diamond rings – by assessing their cut, color, clarity, and carat, all of which affect the final look and price.

Read on to find out more about the latest diamond ring design trends so that you can pick the perfect accessory for your special occasion.

Toi et Moi

Toi et Moi, which is French for You and Me, is a style of ring captivating many couples in 2022 – with some of the most glamorous celebrity models, such as Emily Ratajkowski, showing off their pieces on their social media.

It’s easy to see why this design is so appealing, especially as an engagement piece – the two stones perfectly symbolize the unity and beauty in marriage.

One of the most appealing things about Toi et Moi rings for both designers and wearers is that they’re great for telling a story in the design.

While most rings are part of a beautiful story, these rings often tell a story themselves. The two-sided aspect of the design allows for beautiful expressions of unity and love in both the stones and the band, as well as more flamboyant, creative freedom.


A true staple of ring design, Ovals have continued to maintain their popularity while other designs have risen and fallen.

One of the main reasons for the timeless nature of Oval rings is their focus on the stone – the design puts the spotlight on the gem itself, meaning beautiful, unique gems can take center stage.

They’re often featured with framing around the stone, using smaller gems or indentations around the outside to further draw focus to the gem.

Sydney diamond ring designers Culet has created the ‘Poppy’ design, which perfectly captures the essence of oval rings – a sleek band with a show-stopping gem.

Antiques and Vintage

Much like how vintage clothing and thrifting for classic clothing pieces have boomed in popularity, the same can be said for vintage rings.

As with the production of clothes, the production of rings comes with a cost to the planet, and with this in mind, couples are choosing vintage rings as a greener, more sustainable option.

This isn’t the only reason to go vintage, though – whether you’re simply an enjoyer of historical trends and styles or you have an older family member who has passed down a family heirloom, there is plenty of both beauty and sentiment to be drawn from the past which can be worth more than any precious stone.

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