Different Types of Submersible Water Pumps in Kenya

A submersible water pump is a device that is designed to be submerged within a water reservoir where water is needed to be pumped out. This article will describe the functions of the water pump and the various types that can be used to perform various activities. It will also explain how the equipment works.

The Types of Submersible Water Pumps in Kenya

This water pump was first invented in 1928 by an engineer called Armais Arutunoff. It was first used to pump oil in an oil field then the design was later established in 1929. The equipment has a sealed motor that’s completely airtight which enables the device to be completely submerged in a liquid for it to pump the liquid above the surface.

The types of submersible water pumps are the well pump, bladder pump, borehole pump, fountain pump, and grinder pump.

Well Pump

A well pump is used to push water from a well to a storage container. It has a motor that draws water into a pump which pushes the water inside a pressure tank. The pumped water causes the pressure inside the tank to increase. The force of air pressure inside the tank decreases when a faucet is opened which allows water to go through the plumbing.

Bladder Pump

The bladder pump contains a flexible bladder that is completely covered in an outer casing. The bladder pump is available in different sizes and capabilities making it obtain affordable submersible water pump price in Kenya. The pump collects high-quality samples when low-flowing rates are being used. It is designed to decrease sample contamination.

Borehole Pump

A borehole pump is a suitable pump for pumping water from water sources, boosting water pressure, sprinkler systems, and also irrigation. The submersible water pumps in Kenya are favourable for this kind of water pump since it’s useful for industrial and domestic purposes. The cost of this pump depends on the flow, pressure, and depth of the borehole.

Fountain Pump

The fountain submersible pump is designed to enable water flow to devices that are intended for aesthetic uses in residences, commercial areas, and industries. This type of pump is configured for indoor and outdoor uses whereby the size of the water area is considered. The fountain pump can be used to create special features like waterfalls.

Grinder Pump

A grinder pump can be used in households to dispose of garbage where it grinds the solid wasteinto a slurry which is pumped in the sewer. The pump has an integrated agitatorthat’s useful for grinding solid wastes of high concentration and it doesn’t live any solids suspended. This helps the inlet pump to be unclogged hence reducing blockages.


A submersible water pump is a useful equipment since it’s very efficient and it’s able to operate on both solid and liquid substances. The pump usually has no noise but in case it malfunctions, it’s hard to notice since the pump is submerged. But the pump is mainly useful in recreation, irrigation, oil, and water supply and construction purposes. For more information about water pumps, check

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