Dispelling Myths around Your Inflatable Tent

What makes inflatable custom canopy tents unique? Assortment of sizes, shapes or print options for inflatable tent range.

Sadly, inflatables differ from regular canopies, becoming the focal point of numerous misconceptions. In today’s article, we’ve tried to get rid of some common misapprehensions around these tents.

Myth: An inflatable tent cannot be set up outdoors.

Truth: Inflatables can be set up outside, provided you have a power source nearby.

Several buyers are under the impression that an inflatable tent cannot be set up outside. This is only partially true.

Inflatable custom canopy tents require a pump to be inflated, and a power source is required to plug that pump in. Some inflatables carry battery pumps that cost extra. It is best to use a power generator with the pump to stay within your purchase budget.

Myth: Inflatables have a short life.

Truth: Life of an inflatable tent depends on the material it’s made of.

Inflatable tents are made with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This is stronger than the material used for making regular canopies. TPU can be cooled and reheated several times without changing its mechanical properties or structural chemistry. It is resistant to oil, grease, and abrasion. Although there is no frame to it, extra precautions can make inflatable custom canopy tents sturdier and more stable in windy conditions.

Myth: An inflatable tent is not weatherproof.

Truth: Inflatable tents are waterproof.

Water-resistant, water-repellence, and waterproofing are three different concepts. Think of them as degrees or levels.

A fabric is water-resistant when it can avoid water penetration to some extent. This is level one against protection from water. When water cannot easily penetrate inside the fabric, especially due to a special surface coating, then it is said to be water-repellent. That’s level two. A waterproof fabric is completely impervious to water. This is the final, and most effective protection against water damage.

Ideally, no canopy, banner, or any other temporary structure should be left outdoors in bad weather. But, in case this happens, inflatable tents are waterproof, all-weather, flame retardant, and UV-resistant.

Myth: Inflatables are not safe.

Truth: They’re as safe as other temporary shelter solutions.

An inflatable tent is not a structure that you casually pass by. They’re not that common. Such tents are only meant for businesses who want to stand out in a crowd and attract potential buyers.

Myth: An inflatable tent will explode.

Truth: Inflatable custom canopy tents are as safe as regular canopies.

Another common concern that customers have is that since such structures are inflatables, they’ll explode. This is also not true. All inflatable canopies have emergency release valves that will open in case the electric pump is left on.

Myth: You can only get limited printing done on an inflatable tent.

Truth: Customize to your heart’s content.

Most clients feel that inflatables offer limited printing when actually, they offer more surface area to for adding branding, logo, images, graphics, and text. Several printing options include digital printing, dye sublimation printing, etc. You can share your artwork to get started, or request experts to design one on your behalf.

Common misconceptions around inflatable custom canopy tents in a nutshell:

Misconceptions Truth
The inflatables can’t be used outside. While you can definitely use your inflatable tent outside, the accompanying electric pump requires electricity.

Please be aware that you will need electric access via a power generator or another power source.

Inflatables do not last long. The inflatables are very durable. The frame is made of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

TPU can be cooled or reheated several times without changing its chemistry or mechanical properties. This material is elastic, transparent, and resistant to oil, grease, and abrasion.

They aren’t waterproof. Inflatables are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that is resistant to many elements.

It is are water resistant but should not be left outside in extreme weather conditions.

They are intimidating. Though inflatables stand tall and overarch others, they’re not something that should be feared.
They will pop. We provide emergency relief valves that open in case the pump is left on.

Using an inflatable tent won’t be a hassle now. These high-pressure inflatable instant canopies come in the EMF, EMX Alpha, EMX Beta, EMX Delta, EMX Gamma, and Omega ranges. All designs are customizable or come in standard colors to liven up your event. Trust experts to help your business reach its maximum branding potential.

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