Do I need to apply for SSDI benefits, and how can an SSDI attorney help me?

Suppose you think you need to apply for social security disability benefits. In that case, you might need a professional’s guidance to help you along the process of applying, gathering medical information, and preparing for court.

When to apply for SSDI benefits – an SSDI attorney can help you!

If you find that you are wondering if it is time to apply for SSDI benefits, hiring a reputable SSDI attorney can help you through the process and check-off each required step. You should apply for benefits as soon as you become disabled, keeping the following information in mind:

  • SSDI benefits usually have a multi-month waiting period, taking between 5-6 months, meaning the benefit payments will not begin until 6 months after applying.
  • There is no waiting period for benefits if you have a specific condition, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • The government will pay supplemental security income benefits for the first month.

How will the SSDI attorney help me?

If you need to use an SSDI attorney to help you with your social security claim, keep in mind a few steps you need to go through before having the professional work for you on your case.

Initial interview

When you first reach out to the lawyer regarding your case, you will undergo an initial interview so the professional or legal representative can analyze your information and gather the facts.

These facts of the case are used to help your case, your argument, and your attorney to provide the best information to the judge. The interviews can be done online, in person, or over the phone, depending on the attorney’s location.

Gather medical information

Next, your attorney will develop your medical evidence to show the court you are eligible for SSDI benefits. Your attorney will submit the claim to the Social Security Administration before your hearing. When you first hire your SSDI attorney, you will sign a medical release that allows your lawyer access to your records for your case.

The professional will review your records to determine if you need additional tests or procedures to ensure you qualify for benefits. If required, you may have to go to a consultative examination to get a baseline of tests for the claim.

Prepare for your hearing

Once your medical information is collected, you will prepare for the trial under the guidance of your SSDI attorney. Attorneys will usually wait until 3-4 weeks before the trial date to speak to you and prepare you for the case, as they typically have multiple clients at the same time. You will talk with your attorney over the phone or in-person regarding symptoms of your illness, your current physician, the presence of any mental disorders, your ability to work or maintain a job, and the date of your accident or illness.


Hiring an SSDI attorney can help you prepare for your court case and trial regarding your SSDI benefits. Once you find out you can qualify, you can hire an SSDI attorney to help guide you in the step of gathering medical information, submitting a claim, and preparing for trial.

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