Not everyone needs an immigration attorney. Immigration procedures are oftentimes very lengthy and can seem extremely daunting at times. Well-known professional immigration lawyer in Belfast can also assist in making your immigration as seamless as possible.

If your situation is covered by one of the conditions below, you should seek at least some level of legal advice:

1) If You Are Not Sure About The Criteria

  • UK immigration laws are difficult and difficult to follow and it is often unclear whether a person meets certain immigration rules.
  • Consultation with an experienced attorney is usually a good way to find out what the issues might be with the application and whether getting help with a full application is worth considering

2) If You Received A Rejection

  • If you receive a rejection of your application, you must obtain input from at least one attorney (preferably) to evaluate productive solutions.
  • We suggest talking to more than one counsel because lawyers often disagree on the merits of the complaint, and it can be difficult to provide a fair trial.
  • The cost of seeking this advice in advance (or from many attorneys) is often more productive than following a complaint or other challenge that may have little hope of success.

 3) If You Have Trouble With The Language

  • If English or the country’s language is not your first language, and you do not have a close friend or relative who can help you, it is a good idea to get legal advice from an experienced professional.
  • The process for applying for a visa is difficult enough in English, let alone in a foreign language.

 4) If You Have A Bad Immigration History Or Criminal Record

  • If you have ever applied for a visa that was rejected in the UK (or in any other country) or have previously applied for a UK visa you will need advice on how this may affect your application.
  • Similarly, if you are detained or have a criminal record (in any country), you should seek the advice of a UK immigrant lawyer
  • One consultation should be sufficient to give you an idea that your immigration history may affect the future application, and steps you can take to reduce this.

 5) If You’re Struggling With Online Submissions

  • Most UK visa systems – from overseas and abroad – are now online, requiring access to and completing online forms, and scanning documents in digital format
  • Supporting documents are now being uploaded, so compiling and editing PDFs is now an integral part of the attorney’s role
  • If you are struggling with technology and you do not have a friend to help you with this, you may want to consider getting experienced legal representation for your application.

 6) If Your Case Is Difficult

  • If your case is complicated, requires a large amount of documentary material, and/or requires you to apply for a UK & Immigration Visa for a fact or situation, you may want to contact a lawyer and attorney to check that you are on the right track.
  • As mentioned above, one consultation will be enough to do this, and then find out what help (if any) you may need to prepare the full program, or give tips for doing it yourself.

7) If Your Application Is In The Process Of A Visa With A High Degree Of Refusal

  • Some application routes have a high rate of refusal. It would be good to instruct a lawyer if you are applying for that route.
  • For example, applicants on the Tier 1 (Entrepreneurs) route face a rejection rate of 50%. We often suggest that legal advice is worth the cost in these cases.
  • In the case of a partner visa (rejection rate: 25%) we would not have made such a proposal for accommodation for the need for legal advice, but many applicants still find things troublesome.

8) If You Have Filed Your Application And Your Case Is In Court

  • If you have decided to appeal a negative decision of the Home Office and the case is already before a court or tribunal, legal aid in the preparation or submission of the case may always add value
  • One consultation will usually suffice to give you an idea of ​​the amount of expertise, if any, the attorney can add to the preparation of evidence and the court case.

Immigration lawyers are a great help when encountering the above-mentioned issues. They make your case easy and you can leverage their years of expertise to obtain a favorable outcome. You may miss some technicalities, but they surely won’t. Contact an immigration lawyer now and save yourself from countless headaches!

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