Easy Therapies to Reduce Your Nicotine Craving and Smoking Urges

Smoking urges are at the peak sometimes and it becomes difficult for the addicts to curb these urges and get ahead with their regular chores. To meet these cravings and focus on daily life, you need to quit smoking and make your health your priority, but it becomes challenging.

You must plan your strategies to quit smoking, treatments like nicotine replacement therapy or drug prescriptions are suggested for avoiding cigarette usage. You can also try e-cigarettes as alternatives to it, but you just need to check, are e-cigarettes safe. These electronic cigarettes stop your cravings for a while because they have e liquid flavors to stop that tobacco urge and fill in filters. You can also use supplements as an approach to avoid smoking.

Some of the therapies that can be done to avoid smoking urges are listed in the article.

● Magnet Therapy

Magnet therapy is a good option selected by addicts to quit smoking. It involves two little magnets placed in a fixed spot at the opposite ends of each side of the ear. Magnetism keeps them intact. There is no guarantee or scientific evidence that magnetic therapy will help you quit smoking and get rid of the urges. Clinical companies selling these magnets have shown high success rates of magnet therapy, which makes it a nice selection for you.

● Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a method that varies a great deal, this makes it quite hard to do research on as means to stop or quit smoking. Mostly the reviews that are looked at pertaining to control studies, related to hypnosis that helps people to quit smoking are not yet found to be a quitting mechanic that works. However, some people consider hypnosis as one of the best methods to help curb urges. You may ask your health care service provider or the concerned person to recommend a legit, licensed therapist serving hypnotherapy.

● Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is also named low-level laser therapy that is related to another therapy called acupuncture. This method uses cold lasers instead of sharp pointing needles for acupuncture. Although there are claims of good success stories by some of the cold laser therapy users and providers, it doesn’t make it completely guaranteed, also there is no such scientific evidence to it, that shows the therapy helping people to stop smoking. But, this is a good therapy recommended by many.

● Herbal Things or Supplements

Although science doesn’t support herbal products so much and does not guarantee homeopathic aids as well, it works a good relief in many cases of nicotine intake. There are various supplements used for stopping smoking cravings or herbs are used to cut it off, and they don’t need any FDA allowance or approval as well to be purchased or sold. These supplements are mostly made of herbs and take you far away from nicotine, but do not forget to check the manufacturing dates and other details as well.


Many times stress or anxiety becomes a reason for smoking, and the urge increases every day with every cigarette add-on. Think that you made a day work without a cigarette, it does sound good and feels relaxed. Smoking urges are difficult to be controlled but are not impossible to resist. Some of the easy therapies might act as a good control taker for you.

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