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If you are into online betting games, then you must have come across many websites that assure you the best casino experience right at your home. ESC online app is also a famous Portuguese app that comes under Estoril Sol Group. This group is an entertainment operator. Go through this article to know more about the app.

What is an ESC online app?

As already mentioned above, it comes under the Portuguese entertainment operator. If we talk about the history of the company, then this company began its development with land-based casinos. In the year 2016, they entered the sports betting market. ESC is an online casino platform with many games that are not only available in live casinos. But the thing that gives an upper hand to this website or app is that it is also very popular among Portuguese people for sports betting. It was a website that can be played and visited on a desktop only. But with time, the company has launched its ESC online app. This was implemented in the year 2020 when the company launched its application for both IOS and Android phones. The launch has also increased the userbase of the website, as now people can easily download them and have fun betting on the games.

How to download ESC online app?

The steps to download the ESC online app is smooth and you can complete it within no time. You just have to go to the official website of the company. There you will get a downloadable link for both IOS and Android. If you are a new member of the website and have never created an account on its website also. Then they will ask you to first register yourself so that they can give you access to the website.

For creating the account you have to submit your details like name phone numbers and the bank account details which you want to connect with the website. If you are suspicious then do not add an account that is more used by you. For this, you can create a separate bank account and then give the website its access. By the way, let me tell you don’t have to worry about the security and transparency problems because this website and the application have been verified by the government of Portuguese. This is the main reason for its increasing user base with time.

Why do people prefer ESC online app?

Some of the reasons why people prefer the ESC online app, over other website are as follows:

  • It is easy to access and install on your smartphone. People generally prefer using a smartphone over a desktop because it is more convenient and comfortable.
  • Some of the websites will provide you with varieties of games that can be played in casinos and some will provide you a very good sports betting environment but this website or app will provide you both in a single. The company gets to know how important it is to include both the growing fields in a single app.
  • This website has been verified by the government and it has helped a lot in boosting the economy of the country.
  • If you are facing any problem while logging in and accessing your account then you can feel free to contact their customer service. They have their customer service open 24 hours so that they will be at your service anytime you call. This app is also open and available 24 hours so you can play and get on the sports game whenever you like.
  • The transparency of the app and the transaction process has also been a plus point with the website. All your transaction requests will be completed within 24 hours and will take a maximum of 48 hours if there is any problem with the server.
  • You will get a lot more offers and bonuses than any other website in this field. These bonuses can be converted into cash or, you can even use them later in the games.
  • There are some of the benefits of using the ESC online appwhich includes that you will receive a friendship code that can be used later to stop this also include many promo codes and you will even when 10 euros if you share your phone numbers to learn more about the exclusive offers that are given by the company.
  • It is just that you need for good network and desktop for your smartphone to get access to this website and you will get the best casino experience and live sports betting experience right at your home.

How can you take the help of a football analyst in this field?

A football analyst is trained in such a way and has the experience that it can easily catch the strategies the team is using and the weaknesses of the team. For this, the analyst will try to watch matches of the team of at least ten years which will make their prediction stronger. After a whole lot of analysis and comparing the teams that are playing today, the analyst will conclude and predict the outcome of the match.

If you are a newcomer and you do not know much about sports betting, especially football betting. Then you can surely take help from them. If you go with the prediction that the analyst has made, then it will surely increase your chances of winning. But the prediction of a football analyst doesn’t need to be always right. So, in the end it is up to you whether you want to go with the prediction done by the analyst or go with your gut feeling.


It’s just that if you love waiting and want to try your luck in either casino games or by betting on a football team. Then you must try it in the easiest way possible by getting yourself registered on the ESC online app.

I hope this article was helpful and that I was able to resolve most of your queries regarding the app.

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