Everything to Know About Leading Your Team

A common vision and mission are necessary to get any group to perform at the highest level. A team with a strong desire to achieve specific, shared goals plays with a much greater sense of purpose and energy. Positive, goal-directed behavior also tends to be much more disciplined, which means fewer attitude problems and off-the-field rule transgression


Before you can implement an effective goal setting with a team, you first must establish basic principles within the football program’s culture. Foremost among these are honesty, loyalty, and work ethic.

Honesty, Loyalty, and Work Ethic

If your players ever feel that you have lied to them, deceived them, or manipulated them, they will not trust you. And a good team has to have a great deal of trust. So, if you promise a guy that he is going to play and then you don’t play him, or if you bring a player into your program by doing something illegal, you have not only broken the trust, you’ve severely harmed your team.

Honesty works both ways. If a player told me something, I believed it. But if I found that he had deceived me, my trust in him would be lost. So make honesty a priority, right from the start, and—for the good of the program—allow no exceptions.

I never required to be in the place of bringing a player thousands of miles from home and then using him as a pawn. Players who commit to the program should be given unwavering loyalty. If a performer gets injured or has a family crisis, or needs help with off-the-field situations that aren’t going well for him, you need to support him.

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I took heat on occasion for being loyal to my players. But I believe that my decisions and actions backed up what I had preached about loyalty, and the athletes appreciated that. If you treat people with loyalty and care about them, you will get loyalty in return. The identical is accurate of the coaching staff. If you are loyal to the other coaches in your program, then you have a good chance of them being loyal to you in return.

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