Everything You Should Know About Microblading Treatment

Australians consider the eyes as one of the attributes of physical beauty. For this reason, one of the areas they spend on is in illuminating the eye’s beauty. In Sydney, there are a lot of shops that do this. Microblading in Sydney is one of the procedures done to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Most Australian women seek a natural look. Their affinity for the natural look is why they spend less on makeup compared to other countries in the world. They are also not on the list of top spending countries on cosmetic surgeries.

What Is Microblading?

 It is a cosmetic procedure that uses a microblade tool to apply pigments to draw hair strokes that look like hair. The process involves breaking into the skin with tiny needles to deposit the pigment. It takes about 2 hours to complete the process. This realistic looking hair does not wash out and can last up to 2 years. You can get this procedure done at any reputed Aesthetic Clinic in Kuala Lumpur.

Is Microblading Painful?

The procedure may take up to 2 hours, but the discomfort people report is minimal. A numbing cream is used, making it less painful than a normal tattoo.Your pain tolerance will also influence how much pain you experience. You should expect some pain and discomfort, even if it is minor.

What Are The Risks Of Microblading?

Infections are possible because the process involves breaking into the skin. However, this only happens if untrained people handle the procedure and they don’t observe hygienic practices. There is also a possibility of HIV transmission if the needles used are not new.

Can You Get Allergic Reactions From It?

There is a possibility that you can get an allergic reaction from microblading even if the pigments used are organic. To prevent this from happening, you should ask the clinic what pigments they use and their process in confirming allergies.

Is It Permanent?

The pigments last for as long as two years, depending on your skin type. Because it is semi-permanent, covering it up when done incorrectly can be difficult. It is why you have to make sure that the esthetician doing the job is experienced and certified. You should only go to a reputable beauty clinic to ensure its quality.

What Are The Pre-Procedure Preparations That Need To Be Done?

It is advised to avoid caffeinated beverages or drinks containing alcohol on the day you get the procedure. You should also avoid tanning and sunbathing at least three days before your appointment.

Make sure that you don’t undergo intense facial treatments of chemical peels 2 to 3 weeks before your procedure. Also, do not undergo botox one month before. You should also stop taking fish oil and other natural blood thinners.

Microblading Aftercare

After getting the procedure, you should make sure that you do not wet your brows or get sweaty. You can use antibacterial ointment on your brows for the next 24 hours. You must remember never to pick the scabs and avoid using any acidic products on your face so that the pigment will not fade.

Microblading can give you no-fuss, amazing looking eyebrows. You just have to be informed before deciding if you want one done. Check out Lana Tarek if you’re looking for the best microblading in Sydney. They have incredible brow specialists that will work wonders on your eyebrows.

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