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If you compare the walls of the house รับสร้างบ้านโคราช to the clothes of people The walls are like clothes. clothing That enhances the beauty, outstanding and responds to the preferences of the owner better than before. Nowadays, the innovation of wall decoration in the house has changed a lot. In this content, let’s get acquainted with new cladding materials that are gaining popularity among Thai architects and around the world for you.

Stone surface

The use of stone to decorate the walls is not new. But the new innovation is the production of stone slabs that are only about 1.5 – 2 millimeters thin. Make the wall decoration with stone pattern become easy and light. It also has a lower cost than a full sheet of real stone. Different from the past, if any house or building wants to use stone to decorate the walls. It was necessary to install a whole slab of stone that weighs a lot. The installation process is very risky. And if the installation is not standard, it may cause danger to fall down as well.

Stone Surface has been playing a role in Thai design for about 4-5 years now, but in the past there were few options and very expensive. The surface of the material is real stone. There are many types, many patterns to choose from, and with the thinness of the stone slabs, it is flexible to use. In addition to decorating the walls of the building Can also be applied to other surfaces such as cabinet doors, counter bases and various furniture

wooden wall paneling with a wall decorated with wood substitute material

If the mood & tone of the house still needs warmth, “Woodwork Never Dies”, using wood to decorate your home is something that is always popular. But with the limitations of using real wood that often have problems with termites and decay quickly over time Especially used in conjunction with external walls that are exposed to both the sun and the rain. May cause real wood to lose its beauty faster than expected.

Nowadays, there are many alternative materials for wood as an option for home lovers. and wood paneling that is very popular among designers both general houses and housing projects This type of material has been used in applications. Support both external and internal walls Outside, the architects will use the wall paneling to add a unique beauty to the house. The interior is commonly used as a wall in important areas such as a TV wall, a wall behind the reception counter, a corridor wall, etc. It will enhance that wall to stand out. Because the highlight of it is the shallow depth in one sheet. And there are many designs to choose from that can be mixed together to create interesting new patterns.

This kind of wall decoration installation Must allow about 2-3 cm of wall distance for rough project work. Can be used for both steel frame or galvanized frame You can add more complete beauty by painting the wood grain or choosing other colors as you like. to suit every style of home as well

Wash gravel with sand blasting paint, sand blasting

Sand and gravel work has been popular for a long time. Until it became a standard material that many houses used in conjunction with exterior floors. But it seems that the charm of the sand is not limited to the garden floor only. but can also be used in conjunction with the walls of the house

Nowadays, with new technology, sandblasting paint, homeowners can choose more patterns and colors. Some colors give the mood like a stone slab. Some colors give the impression of a terrazzo floor. It’s called having a variety of patterns. choose as you like Or if any project needs a specific color, they can also order new designs as well.

ceramic wall

Many of you are interested in houses with ceramic walls. which is the outer wall that was installed from the factory and with patterns Colors that give off a Japanese flair Therefore, it is becoming more and more popular in Thailand. The good news is that if any homeowner wants such a wall, there are ceramic tiles for wall decoration for sale as well. with the properties of ceramics Can help prevent stains from sticking to the island, paint does not peel, does not dull, the house will look beautiful and last longer than general materials

The walls are decorated imitating Japanese natural materials.

Wall decoration material that prioritizes service life and beauty. It is a prefabricated exterior wall decoration. imported from Japan The material is designed with more than 40 patterns to imitate various types of natural materials such as stone, wood, brick, concrete and marble, and still has a beautiful texture like that material.

It is suitable for use especially as an exterior wall of the house because it is beautiful, it is the first point of sight and visible part of the house. Including being an area that is exposed to weather, pollution and various dirt. to enter the house It is durable and has 4 coats of paint and can also clean itself when exposed to sunlight and rain.

It can be seen that the aforementioned material did not escape much from the past. It is still a material that emphasizes natural patterns as before. But there has been a physical change. The textures, sizes, and manufacturing innovations make it easier to use, more durable and offer more pattern options.

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