Factors Affecting the Price of Custom Rugs Logo

One must admit that custom rugs logo have a long list of benefits. Nevertheless, it is also true that they come at a cost. Therefore, if you plan to purchase one, you probably wonder the amount of budget you should set aside for the same. The truth is that there is no fixed figure as far as what you can spend on the custom rug with a logo is concerned. That’s all because of several factors that we will be discussing shortly. So, without further ado, let’s discuss things that make a difference in the companies’ prices for this particular service. Check it out!

1. The Size of the Rug

One of the determining factors is the dimensions of the rug that you deem fit for this task. It goes without saying that the bigger the rug, the higher the amount of money that the company will spend when purchasing it and vice versa. That’s for an obvious reason: a big rug requires a large piece of material, resulting in spending much money buying it. Consequently, a company buying a small rug will pay less than another one paying for a relatively big rug, thus affecting the price in both cases.

2. Required Colors

The number of colors used in one may not be the same when making another logo when it comes to logos. That difference also affects the price of a custom rug with a logo. The more the colors, the more the pieces of rugs needed to get the logo right. For that reason, the more colors needed, the more a company will pay to get the logo on a rug as perfectly as possible. On the other hand, if the logo has few colors, the cost may not be that high since it needs fewer resources.

3. How Complex the Logo Is

Again, the complexity of a logo differs from one company to the other. After all, many things inspire the designers and the firms as they come up with them. The more complex a logo is, the higher the number of cuts necessary to design a custom rug with that same logo. Therefore, the company may have to spend a lot for the service compared to another firm with a simple logo.

4. Patterns by the Logos

Some companies will prefer one logo, whereas others will go for a pattern characterized by many logos. If you go for the first choice, the price may be relatively low. However, if there are several logos on it, the rug may come at an extra price. So, expect to pay for the custom rug with a logo depending on the number of logos to be put on it.

5. Labor

The number of hours required to produce one custom rug may differ from one instance to another for various reasons. It could be the pace of the designer or the complexity of the logo, just but to mention a few. The more the labor or the high the labor rate, the more expensive the rug.


Do you see why the price of purchasing a rug customized with a logo differs from one case to the other? Therefore, as you set aside a budget for one, keep in mind the factors discussed above.

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