Facts about why you should have a Legal plan in place for your future self- New Jersey

We often witness self-centered individuals who are not on perfect terms with their elders. Often these Elders are neglected for medical care, finances, etc. If you see such activity and want to do something about it, you may check an elder law attorney in New Jersey for consultation. You can then take any action with their expert advice if you want to.

Let us understand some basics here:

Who is an Elder

First and foremost, a person who is 65 or above is considered an Elder. However, this figure varies in different countries. 

A law that protects the rights of an Elder is the Elder Law.

What does the Elder law state?

Elder law consists of an Elder’s legal issues and Rights, Estate Settlement, Will, etc.

As per NewJersey law, abuse in simple words is intentionally harming an individual in a serious way who is not capable of revolting or is incapable of doing so.

How to check for Elder abuse around you?

There are a few things that can highlight Elder abuse by the caregiver, like:

  1. If there is a sudden addition of a beneficiary in the bank accounts of the elderly
  2. Non-payment of medical bills for a long time
  3. Increase in the withdrawal of money from the accounts
  4. If there are any changes in the estate plan
  5. Sudden change in the spending habits

What should older adults do to safeguard their rights?

Preventing a bad situation is better than actually taking action once it commences. In a self-centered society like ours, caregivers often neglect older adults. We cannot generalize this statement because many angels do everything possible for their elderly. Hence it is crucial to have certain things in place to avoid abuse. Some points which will help are:

  • Having Power of Attorney: Power of Attorney will ensure that you do not get exploited in any sense, assuming that the agent appointed for Power of Attorney has no vested interest. This agreement should include Medical directives to the agent.
  • Having a Will: It is essential to have a Will if you have money and assets at your disposal. Make a Will when you are physically and mentally capable of doing so.

There can be many more things to consider. Ideally, figuring this out with a Legal Attorney will make things extremely clear and straightforward.

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