Fashion styles to suit your fitness vibe

Fitness and fashion have developed an interesting relationship over recent years. While a complimentary attire primarily gives you a striking appearance, its impacts are more profound than they seem. Choosing the right fashion style can make you feel more confident and energetic, thereby enhancing your performance in the gym, field, or dance floor.

But what sets activewear apart? Does sporting those jazz shoes for ballet practice or wearing a sports bra offer intrinsic value, or is it merely about the exterior appearance? Many Australians decided to hop on the fitness train during the initial phases of the Coronavirus pandemic, resulting in sales of activewear booming to almost five times its normal size. Details about this rapid growth in demand for activewear are available in this news report. So are Australians making sensible decisions in their fitness preparation for the upcoming summer, or is this just another social convention that has caught the country’s attention?

Let’s analyse some of the benefits the right kind of clothing can have:


Comfort is the king as far as fitness clothing is concerned. Athletes, dancers and gym goers require a high level of mobility to complete a wide range of movements. Clothing should be stretchable and must not restrict motion. The breathability of the fabric is also crucial to ensure free airflow.

Track pants and sweatshirts shouldn’t be very heavy as they may become a burden that weighs one down during exercise. Ballet dancers would require comfortable footwear that prevents injuries and aids movement. High-quality jazz shoes are now available for extremely affordable prices in Australia. Sports bras reduce pain and discomfort while also mitigating the sagging of breasts.

Track athletes would require durable running shoes that also remain feet-friendly, especially over long distances and rough terrains. Most often, clothing designed for fitness incorporates all of these features bearing in mind the comfort levels of the person wearing them. It is, therefore, highly beneficial to opt for clothing that is specifically designed for use during strenuous activity.


Activewear products often have a stylish and formidable appearance. One cannot underestimate the importance of getting the clothing style right for a particular activity. Apart from boosting confidence, good looking workout clothes can give you the impetus to push through challenging physical activities. It sets the mood by complementing your fitness vibe.

In dancing, clothing complements the performance, and it is a combination of several visual factors that makes a performance pleasing to watch. Smaller accessories such as headbands and Fitbit’s can make a large difference concerning one’s progress. The stylish appearance of activewear means that one can wear it outside the gym, too, with research suggesting that wearing fitness clothes for extended periods can lead to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

This plays an important role in the broader concept of athleisure as well. Overall, good looking apparel can make one feel good about themselves and lead to more satisfying training sessions.


Activewear products are generally very convenient to use. They are designed for maximum absorption of sweat and moisture. This means they require fewer washes and dry very quickly. Since they are light, durable and generally do not crease or wrinkle, they can be easily packed. They can fit into smaller gym bags/ training kits, thereby making them easy to carry.

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